Former Manchester, NH Police Officer Connare Released From Jail in Two Hours


John Brady shared this post via’s submit page. Former Manchester, NH police officer David Connare, who was sentenced to jail for a high speed DWI crash, surrendered to Valley Street Jail – Hillsborough County Department of Corrections – in Manchester, NH on Friday October 18, 2013 to begin serving his sentence. He arrived at […]

I Am Caged But None Of Us Are Free


This blog post was written by Ademo Freeman from Valley Street Jail.  Before coming to jail, I used a song and some clips my friend Clyde Voluntaryist put together called, “None of us are free, one of us is caged.” More recently, I received a letter from a person I’ve never met who credited the […]

Thank You from Ademo


This was originally posted to by Kager: Today is August 11th, 2012 – my 31st day of incarceration – and it’s 7:20AM. I’m awake because my cellmate was chosen to unload a delivery, but the truth is that I haven’t slept over two consecutive hours in a week. My mind is stuck on my […]

Ademo’s Jury Selection Done, Trial In One Week


MANCHESTER, NH – Today Ademo Freeman was shackled and transported from Valley Street Jail, where he’s been since July 11th, to Hillsborough County Superior Court, where he participated in his jury selection process per the three counts of wiretapping prosecutor Michael Valentine (603-627-5605) has levied against him for the dastardly act of being a journalist […]

Ademo Freeman Remains Resolute: Let the Circus Begin!


This post was written by Ademo Freeman and transcribed by Clyde Voluntaryist of Yesterday, July 27th, I was transported from my cell at Valley Street jail to my final pre-trial conference regarding my felony wiretapping charges. While there, I took the time to point out that the “state” regularly cuts deals with people who […]

Happy Birthday, Ademo!


Happy Birthday, Ademo Freeman! Instead of spending his 30th birthday with those that love him, Ademo is sitting in a cage at Valley Street Jail. Ademo is sitting for two months for “resisting ” (going limp) when kidnapped for writing with chalk last summer. Ademo appealed, but due to a clerical error (or purposeful action), […]

House of Corrections; Yeah Right!

valley street jail exterior manchester nh

Written by Ademo Freeman, from Valley Street Jail in Manchester, NH Today is July 23rd, my 12th day (of 60) in Valley Street Jail for resisting arrest. They (my captors) claim this is the Hillsborough County House of Corrections, but I’m failing to make such a connection. Every day my 40+ roommates and myself are […]

Caged for Four Days in Manchester


Former cop-turned prosecutor-turned judge William H. Lyons said I owed “the state of New Hampshire” 248 FRNs. His claim is without merit. I did no harm to person or property. “The state” was not a victim that I was responsible to make whole. But I recognize that if I failed to act, I could be […]

Pete’s Message from Valley St. Jail


Right now I’m in the bowels of Valley Street Jail in Manchester, NH. I arrived not in a squad car but with friends. I’m sitting four days rather than hand-over the 248-FRN ransom William H. Lyons believes I owe “the state” because I had conversations with employees of Manchester Police Department. This past June I […]

Ademo Sitting 5-days; Will Appeal Jail Sentence

Ademo Sitting 5 Days; Will Appeal 12-mo Sentence

Ademo Freeman is sitting in a cage at Valley Street Jail in Manchester, NH. His “crime”? Highlighting the double-standards claimed by some who wear “Manchester Police Department” badges on their costumes*. After a six-month ordeal, Ademo was found guilty of two “class a misdemeanors” for resisting (going limp) and one “class b misdemeanor” (for using […]