Colorado Cop Earns 93 Percent of Towns Budget Writing Tickets

Cops Generate Revenue

We have claimed on many occasions that the duty of police is rarely to serve and protect average citizens as much as it is to create fear, protect the rich and collect revenue. The going-ons of one small town in Colorado, where a single cop has written tickets earning 93% of the towns revenue, illustrate […]

What Do College Kids Think Of Police?

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*Chris Monko shared this post via’s submit page. In this video, Chris gets the scoop on local college students’ views of the police.* I went around campus at West Chester University in West Chester, PA with a camera asking students how they felt about police and whether they really keep them safe or are up […]

CopBlocking the Indianapolis Police (VIDEOS)


Last weekend – March 21st & 22nd – I traveled from Cleveland, OH to Indianapolis, IN for a CopBlock focused weekend. However before we get into that, let me explain how I met Pete Sandage, who manages Bulletproof and the Fool (Chris Johnson and Keith Ellerbee), a popular hip-hop group in Indianapolis. It starts with this video that Pete sent via’s […]

Government Sanctioned Drug Dealing


This post was shared anonymously via’s submit page. This isn’t about a personal interaction with police, but I really feel that this song/video touches on one of the biggest issues when dealing with police. The song is called, “Who’s the Pusher Now?” It talks about how the government sanctions, and in many cases sells, […]

Teacher Appreciation Day


Blythe Cooper shared this post via’s submit page. Date of Interaction: May 7, 2014 Police Employees Involved: Mission Police number 870 (on ticket- illegible name) and Overland Park Police (both Kansas) Police Employee Contact Information: Mission Police (913) 676-8300, Overland Park Police (913) 895-6300 I teach elementary school and called in a substitute for the […]

Finally Got Them


Patrick Bradley shared this post via’s submit page. Now this isn’t a beating case or anything like that, but just simple basic rights being violated. Hudson, New Hampshire Police are notorious for harassing people. From what I understand, it’s called a “training town,” meaning lots of rookies end up there to get street experience and […]

Probable Cause?


The following was posted via’s submit page. Thank you so much for this resource. As a concerned civilian and academic, I feel actions such as those portrayed on this website are crucial to gaining transparency and involving the public in a check on the powers and authority of law enforcement officials. I have a […]

We Have Been Looking Through Jaded Glasses


Scott Gregory shared this post via’s submit page for the Bitcoin-Fueled Content Contest. We have been looking through jaded glasses. For the last couple of decades, we have been unknowingly desensitizing the populous through shows like Cops and other LEO glamorizing shows like CSI and a host of others. At the same time, the mainstream […]

Falsely Accused


This post was shared via’s submit page by a person who would prefer to remain anonymous. This morning (Nov. 1), I was arrested by the Kentucky State Police. At 7:45 AM or so, they surrounded my home and beat on the doors; it sounded as if they were punching them. My mom made it to […]

My Hellish Story of My Police Brutality Experience

Corey P. shared this post via’s submit page. I’m a black young man that unfortunately used to live in a poor, crime-ridden neighborhood in the Chicagoland area of Harvey, IL. No matter how many years pass, this experience continues to haunt me. This is my story of an extremely violent act of police brutality […]