WARNING!!! Cops Impersonating Panhandlers in Massive Revenue Generation Scheme


Well well, it seems the bangers in blue have a new twist on an old tactic. The next time you come up to a stop light, and panhandlers are around, you might want to double-check your seatbelt and put your phone down. Cops are impersonating homeless people, to entrap you, and extort money from you […]

Police Officers Ignore Property Rights (VIDEO)


On July 1st I headed to Indianapolis with three other CopBlockers to attend the First Church of Cannabis ceremony that was taking place. It was a beautiful day with several great people in attendance – read my post about the day’s events here. In the video above you’ll see two Indianapolis Metro Police officers whom I caught trespassing on private property. […]

Calling All “Good Cops”


Travis Wilson shared the following post, originally written for PoliceZero.com. The myth of the “Good Cop“ has been ongoing for some time now. I wanted to give an open invitation for those law enforcement officers that believe they are “Good Cops” to come forward and reveal themselves. What makes a “Good Cop” ? While people’s […]

Woman Alleges Illegal Strip Search By Male Officer In Federal Suit

police search

In a lawsuit filed in federal court, a Wisconsin woman is claiming a male Mequon police officer illegally strip-searched her while being booked into jail after a traffic stop in 2011. Lauren Howie Laur alleges in the suit, which began being heard in U.S. District Court Monday, that Officer Michael Kranz broke Wisconsin law by […]

Police Departments Around Country Launch Summer Ticketing Blitzkriegs


Operation Border to Border, Operation Seeing Red, Operation Thunder – These are the names of just a few of the mass ticketing blitzkriegs being unveiled by police departments across the country just in time for summer. Predictably, as the fiscal year nears its end in September, wasteful and corrupt local governments seek to pad their balance […]

Colorado Cop Earns 93 Percent of Towns Budget Writing Tickets

Cops Generate Revenue

We have claimed on many occasions that the duty of police is rarely to serve and protect average citizens as much as it is to create fear, protect the rich and collect revenue. The going-ons of one small town in Colorado, where a single cop has written tickets earning 93% of the towns revenue, illustrate […]

What Do College Kids Think Of Police?

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*Chris Monko shared this post via CopBlock.org’s submit page. In this video, Chris gets the scoop on local college students’ views of the police.* I went around campus at West Chester University in West Chester, PA with a camera asking students how they felt about police and whether they really keep them safe or are up […]

CopBlocking the Indianapolis Police (VIDEOS)


Last weekend – March 21st & 22nd – I traveled from Cleveland, OH to Indianapolis, IN for a CopBlock focused weekend. However before we get into that, let me explain how I met Pete Sandage, who manages Bulletproof and the Fool (Chris Johnson and Keith Ellerbee), a popular hip-hop group in Indianapolis. It starts with this video that Pete sent via CopBlock.org’s […]

Government Sanctioned Drug Dealing


This post was shared anonymously via CopBlock.org’s submit page. This isn’t about a personal interaction with police, but I really feel that this song/video touches on one of the biggest issues when dealing with police. The song is called, “Who’s the Pusher Now?” It talks about how the government sanctions, and in many cases sells, […]

Teacher Appreciation Day


Blythe Cooper shared this post via CopBlock.org’s submit page. Date of Interaction: May 7, 2014 Police Employees Involved: Mission Police number 870 (on ticket- illegible name) and Overland Park Police (both Kansas) Police Employee Contact Information: Mission Police (913) 676-8300, Overland Park Police (913) 895-6300 I teach elementary school and called in a substitute for the […]