Gainesville Police Department Terrorizes Dignity Village; A Homeless Camp


The video above was sent to me via the submission tab and shows a horrific video of Gainsville Police officer John Maloney repeatedly bashing the head of John Smith so hard and often that he broke his hand. According to the ‘official’ police statement: Just before 6pm, Officer John Maloney and Officer Ashley DeCurtis were […]

Chicago PD Disrespect Victim Bodies, Family & Neighborhood


The video above is from a scene over the weekend in Chicago. In it you can see police and local residents gathered around a crime scene. The people who are not wearing shiny badges are a wee bit pissed. Why, you ask? First of all, the two deceased victims are still in the car where […]

BREAKING: Police Tow Vehicle With Deceased Bodies Inside (Video)


In a video released yesterday by James Hawthorne on Facebook, police tow a vehicle with deceased bodies inside. The incident occurred in Humboldt Park Chicago. It is currently unknown whether police were involved in the deaths. Regardless, it is safe to assume that towing a vehicle containing dead bodies does not coincide with police procedure; […]

Medford Cop Threatens To Kill Driver For Minor Traffic Mistake

Medford Detective Threatens Driver

On Sunday -July 26, 2015- in Medford, Massachusetts an off duty detective pulls man over for making a mistake in a turnabout. The tattooed detective wearing the wife beater and driving a pickup truck, Stephen Lebert, immediately gets out of his truck and begins threatening the mans life. “I will put a hole through your […]

Excessive Force? You Decide (VIDEO)


The video above was recorded in Savannah, GA. where there appears to be a fight in the middle of the street.  One vehicle is stopped in the middle of the intersection and you see one male subject hitting the vehicle with his fists while a female is seen fighting with someone who is sitting in the […]

Negligent Judge Leaves Toddler in Hot Car to Die


On July 24, 2015 a tragic death took place that has left residents angered after Garland County Circuit Judge Wade Naramore (<– links to his FB) left his toddler son in a hot car for 4 hours in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  The local fire department and ambulance responded to a call of an unresponsive child that had […]

14 y/o Pepper Sprayed Sparks Police Brutality Protests In Cleveland


In the video above you can see the very high tensions in Cleveland today (July 26th, 2015) as police brutality protestors have taken to the streets to call attention to the most recent case of abuse. As ‘The Movement For Black Lives Convention’ was being held at Cleveland State University, police responded to a 14-year-old […]

Fresno Police Officer is Straight UP Pimpin!


Robert Knight, a Fresno Police Officer, has resigned after an investigation into his relationship with Bunny Ranch Sex worker was launched based on a craigslist ad. Officer Knight was answering emails, and setting up Alicia Stapleton, or “Allie Marie” with clients here in Fresno. Stapleton worked at the world famous Bunny Ranch, and appeared on the […]

Did Philly Cops Plant A Gun On This Man After Punching Him While Handcuffed?

Philly Police Beating Gun

Above is a video that was uploaded earlier today which really shows the ethical fortitude and good nature of the Philadelphia Police Department. The video starts off with two men up near a porch with their arms up and hands against the porch, in a non-threatening manner, being submissive to the police. There’s no way […]

Neighbor Complains to Authorities over BBQ Smoke

BBQ Smoke Enforcement

Contact: Environmental Management-Air Quality. Address: 300 S Garden Ave, Clearwater, FL 33756.   Phone: (727) 464-4422 In a video uploaded originally to Facebook by Scotty Jordan of Pinellas County Florida, we see an environmentalist with the county’s Air Quality Enforcement Team respond to a complaint of BBQ smoke being a nuisance in a neighborhood after a neighbor across […]