Cleveland Police Aggressively Arrest 71 at Brelo Protest Using Questionable Tactics and Force


Yesterday Deo, Tom, Jason and myself spent the day in downtown Cleveland after the not guilty verdict was officially rendered in the Michael Brelo case. For those unfamiliar with Brelo’s case, click here. The video below is a summary of yesterday’s Brelo Protest from the marching around town to the arrest of 71 protestors by Cleveland Riot Police. The four […]

Bodycam Protects Officer Against Sexual Allegations


Falsely accusing others of a crime is never okay. It is exactly that sort of behavior that erodes human trust and helps to feed the growing police state. In the video above, the body cam worn by the officer protects him against allegations of sexual wrong doing. The young woman in the video attempts to […]

Pulled Over For Stopping at a Stop Sign (VIDEO)

stop sign

A few weeks ago, I was in Warren, OH filming the police, who were conducting a “shield” operation. This operation was designed to target drugs and was a result of some recent overdoses within the community. I’m currently editing that video and plan to blog about the operation soon, but while we were out CopBlocking the […]

Breaking News: Baltimore Grand Jury Indicts Six Police Officers Over Freddy Gray Death

Baltimore police officers indicted

Six cops in Baltimore have just been indicted for their involvement in the death of Freddy Gray. Via CNN: The six officers face charges that, if they are convicted, could lead to decades in prison, based on their alleged actions that day. Among them: Illegal arrest, misconduct, assault and involuntary manslaughter. Officer Caesar R. Goodson […]

Innocent Bystander Attacked by Police K9 In Fresno, CA

Fresno K9 Attached Innocent Bystander

The Fresno Police Department has a tough time staying out of the news these days. Today, they have once again made headlines after one of their K9 units attacked an innocent bystander. ABC30 Action News reports: A police chase ended at an East Central Fresno intersection Tuesday night. Curious people came out of their homes […]

Tulsa Police Pepper Spray & Taser Man Who Drops Chip

man tased pepper sprayed for dropping chip

A man in Tulsa was standing on a sidewalk eating potato chips while police questioned others nearby. The man drops a single chip and police react with pepper spray and a taser for egregious crime of littering with intent to snack. The man is approached first by one officer, who in just a matter of […]

Breckenridge Hills, MO Cops Assault and Falsely Arrest Man- Caught on Video

Road Pirates

Christopher Hoglan of Breckenridge Hills MO, a small town near St. Louis, took a midnight stroll. Here is his story along with the video which recorded the entire occurrence. That video, coupled with false charges (no evidence to support) enabled him to now be an example of how important it is to stand our ground […]

Saratoga Springs Police Caught Lying And Violating 1st Amendment Rights

Saratoga Springs Police Illegally Pull Me Over Arrest Me for Giving Them The Finger

I received a tip from a concerned citizen of Saratoga Springs NY that the local police department was corrupt and abusive to the citizens. Here is a story of such abuse and cover ups. So on 5/16/15 I headed up to Saratoga Springs. When I first arrived into the city I figured I would test […]

(VIDEO) Driver from Viral 4th of July Checkpoint Stop Encounters Deputy Again, This Time on His Best Behavior

(Murfreesboro, TN) Remember the cop from that extremely revealing Independence Day checkpoint video? Well he happened to get caught on camera again! On his best behavior this time, of course. That may be due to the fact that the last video he was in got shared all over the world, or that this time, the […]

“In Cops We Trust” – Policing For Profit


On a daily basis, most Americans venture out into the world to earn a living, get an education or simply go about their regular lives. The moment we leave our homes, we are expected to abide by certain standards of society. In order to drive a vehicle, you must have a valid driver’s license, proper […]