Support Tucson CopBlock Feed the Homeless!

This story was submitted by Dylan of Tucson Az Cop Block via the Public Submissions Page

Since homelessness is pretty much entirely illegal here in AZ we need help keeping our houseless residents of #SafePark safe!, Tucson Cop Block feeds the houseless every month and needs your help!

TPD’s tendency to target the homeless is unacceptable!

Tucson Cop Block’s Feed The Homeless Fund ~

Our first feeding serving BBQ and cookies was a great success!


We will continue to feed the homeless residents of Tucson’s #SafePark routinely and every donation you make, makes a difference! #SafePark acts as a safe place for the houseless residents of Tucson. #SafePark is a place where the homeless can feel safe from police and other forms of harassment. It is always patrolled by CopBlockers all day to help insure safety. PLEASE CHECK IT OUT ON FACEBOOK

Without you all this would not be possible! Please donate what you can, anything helps!
Thanks for the support!

Dylan, Tucson Az. CopBlock



Tucson CopBlock’s Feed The Homeless Fund ~

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  • JC

    Are you doing this for the homeless or yourselves?

  • Derpherder

    Does it matter?
    Maybe they’re doing it for publicity, but the end result is a net benefit for homeless people either way.

  • t

    Yeah, they’re clearly making a shit ton of money from this.

  • t

    Interesting, I thought copblockers were there to keep the police from “harassing” the homeless…

  • Connor

    its good to see that not all of us have forgotten the homeless man who cant feed himself or find clean water to drink. dose me quite good to see and makes me wish i could help. also never seen a pig giving out food to homeless, maybe pepper pray for a taco but that’s about it. XD

  • JC

    Yes, it does matter. If they are doing it for their own publicity, then charity is not the goal.

    The was a statement in the article that said they patrol the homeless. It doesn’t seem that way.

  • TucsonCopBlockMember

    Honest answer for you. The homeless. Speaking for myself only and not Dylan or others, the simple fact I don’t post on here with my ‘real full name’ I think should answer the publicity part – I even felt compelled to post this comment under a different name to encourage the lack of personal publicizing – and that’s all I’ve got on this because I will continue my part to not make a personal publicity event from this.

  • that’s nice

    Nice of the hero’s of copblock to protect the vulnerable and victims from the villains with badges

  • JC

    I disagree with you. In the article there are a lot of “we” statements. That has nothing to do with the homeless.

  • Thenumber6

    You feed yourselves how nice

  • Thenumber6

    Hero’s of talking shit on the internet and shoving cameras in cops faces, good for you sir.