Las Vegas Copblock’d – Illegal Parking

This video shows a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer illegally parking
in a residential neighborhood, but apparently it’s ok, “when I’m in my vehicle”. It’s quite a sad example that’s being set, not to mention the law that’s being broken with no repercussion. The failure to identify upon request is a violation of LVMPD Departmental Manual, but I’m also trying to figure out how driving away afterward was courteous, patient and respectful. Never let your guard down, stay alert and remember to always bring a camera.

A.S. 26.1.1, 45.2.1
Members should at all times be courteous, patient and respectful in dealing with the public. Members should avoid answering questions in a short and abrupt manner and should not use harsh, coarse, violent, profane, insolent, indecent, suggestive, sarcastic, or insulting language. Members should maintain an even-tempered, professional demeanor regardless of the provocation, remaining cool and collected at all times. Members will provide their name and personnel number when requested to do so by a citizen.





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  • Jeff

    Silly citizen cops are above the law! Didn’t you know?


    I think you shook him up a little! Great work,keep it up!


    ooooooooooooooooooooo You sure got him!!!!!

  • johnny

    Dude you are a fucking douchebag!! little cock-sucker who likes to bitch at those who protect and serve for something so minor, you should be ashamed of yourself for talking to an officer like that. from the city of Vallejo where an officer of ours was just killed, FUCK YOU bro.!!

  • ken nakajima

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  • johnny

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