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When the idea for Cop Block first came into my head I thought it would be a solo project.  One that consisted of me traveling around confronting out of control police officers/departments.  As Cop Block came closer to being a reality, I realized that educating people was just as important, so I spent sometime thinking of ways to have both.  Which to no surprise was more than I can chew on my own.    The most logical answer was to invite others with similar, but not exact, view points to join me.  Though everyone involved with Cop Block is pro police accountability, we all go about it in a different way.

With that I’d like to take this time to introduce (and thank) those who are making Cop Block what it is today.

The first person I asked to join  Cop Block was WinLiberty, who has spent years battling government abuses within its own system.  He’s extremely knowledgeable about filing complaints, internal investigations and police procedure.  He’s hoping to blog more about the ‘in the system’ aspect on Cop Block, but his job requires his attention for now.  Though he’s still been able to file complaints, which lead to investigations in both Arlington, VA and Kern County, CA, in the name of Cop Block.  When asked why WinLiberty joined Cop Block, he replied, ” [he] works to protect individual liberty and the work being done by Cop Block is essential to defending our rights.”

The second person to join Cop Block was Doctor Q who I found posting great articles to Cop Block’s Facebook Fan Page.  After looking at his personal blog, Doctor Q’s Thoughts, I asked if he’d be interested in joining Cop Block and he was.  He’s currently attending college in New Hampshire, where I’ll be headed in a month, and is active with the Free Staters there.  His passion(s) seems to be around prohibition, war and border control, all leading contributors to the current police state.  Though he primarily feeds the Facebook and Twitter accounts of Cop Block, look for Dr. Q to make a splash here once school is out.

Then there’s Robert who, like Doctor Q, was posting articles to Cop Block’s FB page on a daily basis.  Though Robert needs to maintain a low profile, due to his full time job, he has become a great researcher and posts stories on the FB page.  He’s been a great addition to the team and I’m grateful he’s willing contribute at any level.  When asked why he choose to take such a risk to join Cop Block Robert replied, “After personally witnessing over two dozen police brutality beatings, and seeing how police were never held accountable for their actions I decided to join Copblock to help promote awareness and help those get accountability, it’s that important.”

Our newest addition George Sand, who posted her first blog to Cop Block yesterday, is a lawyer from Southern California.  When asked what her motivation or goals were for blogging she said, “My main goal was to focus on civil liberties in general, but I found myself writing about police abuses most of the time, so I am very excited about writing for Cop Block.”  I encourage you to read her post and/or follow her on Twitter.  We’re excited to have her on board and look forward to her future contributions here.

Then there’s me, Adam Mueller, founder and editor of  I’ve spent most my adult life dealing with some sort of police/justice system.  As those who have experienced what I have can tell you, once you’re in the system it’s hard to get out.  Not to mention the pure madness of how and why most are put into the system in the first place.  I’m a two time felon due to the war on drugs and it’s affected my life ever since.  I’ve faced police harassment, as well as brutality, and was even forced to move from my hometown due to actions of those with badges.  I was alone in my fight and I hope Cop Block can help others with similar problems I’ve had combating police.

I would also like to give props to those who’ve helped Cop Block behind the scenes:

  • Nick Spanos, who donated the domain and server space for Cop Block
  • Jason Talley, who donated the theme and his time to get Cop Block off the ground
  • Pete Eyre, who guest blogs and post videos of his police encounters
  • Ryan Phillips, who will be assisting me in tweeking the website here in the near future
  • Ian & Mark of Free Talk Live, who have helped spread the message of Cop Block on their show, which lead to an anonymous donor. Who now helps Cop Block sponsor police brutality segments on FTL.

Finally I’d like to thank you, without people taking an active role we wouldn’t be anywhere.  If you want to join CopBlock’s continued growth check out the join us tab.

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