Illegal Impounding

Last winter, 2010, I slid off the road in a winter storm and there was no damage to anything other than I was stuck in a farmers field. I arranged for a tow truck the next day but the SHERIFF showed up…

I was admonished for not calling 911. Nothing was damaged & no one was hurt so why call an emergency only number?

The SHERIFF impounded my vehicle just because he wanted to. I informed them that a tow truck was en route. My vehicle was there less than 12 hours and was NOT blocking the street.

I later filed suit against them & the towing company for damages to my vehicle and illegal towing.

Turns out the SHERIFF side of things was a TORT case and with all the delays in my case by their attorney I missed the filing date. I understand that this is a common tactic today; delay, delay, delay until the filing date is past then toss the case out .

The Towing company’s case was dismissed by a substitute judge that had association with the SHERIFF Association. I tried to appeal but…

After it was all over I had several thousands of damage to my truck in addition to impound fees. Then there was the court costs and nearly a year of delays all for NOTHING!

We the people have NO rights today!
The POLICE are abusive and treat innocent citizens like criminals.

It is getting very close to an all out shoot out with law enforcement & the government because THEY will NOT let PEACE have a chance just as THEY did in 1776.


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