Texas CopBlockers Arrested – Again

Kory Watkins, Joseph Tye, Kenny Lovett and others were hoping to have a simple day of CopBlocking in Arlington, TX. They planned an event, which had several aspects, like open carry, filming police and sign waves, attached to it. Like most CopBlocking events, it was all going well – even with the embedded LA Times reporter – that is, until the police showed up. Here’s the video Kory took of Joseph and Kenny being arrested.

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In the video above you can tell that the group of CopBlockers, including Joseph and Kenny, are in no way interfering or harassing the uniformed gang, known as the Arlington Police. Yet, police employees ‘Kemp’ & ‘Deary’ still approach the group stating that members of the group MUST disarm themselves. After Kory states to the police employees that they are in fact following the law, citing it by code number, the officers seem to back off, until they notice Kenny. At that time another officer approaches and it seems the option to disarm was declined and Kenny was arrested for disorderly conduct – displaying a firearm (but these firearms are legal) – and interfering with a public official. While being escorted to a police cruiser Joseph seemed to decide to film the police employees who were kidnapping his friend and was arrested and charged with interfering with a public official as well.

This is your standard police encounter IMO, but an interesting twist to the story – and something I’ve experienced personally as well – is that the officers, who were well aware of Texas CopBlock & North Texas CopBlock actions and presence throughout the day, seemed to have waited until the embedded LA Times reported left the group to engage, harass and arrest them.

Why would the police allow this group to spend several hours around town with their ‘illegal’ guns? Maybe it wasn’t about the guns at all? Maybe the police just weren’t happy about being CopBlocked all day long? I don’t know the answer for sure but if you’d like to get it from the source, consider contacting the Arlington Police department via on of the means below.

Stay tuned for more on this story, as it seems both Joseph and Kenny plan to take this to a jury trial. Assuming the District Attorney doesn’t realize that they probably have better things to do than press this case.

Ways to Contact the Arlington PD:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArlingtonPolice
Twitter: @arlingtonpd
Other Contacts:

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