Richmond Police CopBlocked While Ticketing Folks for Jaywalking

By Nathan Cox, of (which is looking for more police accountability folks)

Approximately 8:40 last night I was in the VCU area on Broad St. I was actually headed to Aladdin’s on Broad to get a gyro, boy are they good. I noticed a cop with his blue lights on in the far hand lane just parked in the street.. a couple shops up from Aladdin’s. So I parked at the other end of the block from Aladdin’s (where the cop was). As I walked towards the restaurant I noticed two young kids visibly upset and pleading with the police his case.

So I whip out my camera and the rest is on tape. There are two parts because I noticed my camera had shut off due to a lack of memory so I immediately turned on Qik on my mobile Phone. Both gentleman ended up missing their bus and receiving citations for jawalking (amongst a crowd of “twenty” who did as well, but didn’t get singled out)

I gave both gentleman, one bystander, and one cop Cop Block business cards, and gave the two gentlemen involved with the police altercation a personal business card.

I believe those Richmond City Cops were “warrant fishing”, meaning they pull people over or stop being walking by whom they suspect might have warrants so they can make the arrest.

Part Two

Ademo Freeman

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