Obvious Unfair Justice System in Marion County, WV

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There are so many people who have said that Marion County, West Virginia’s Justice system is one of the worst places to find yourself in trouble. I agree, based off my own past and current experiences. They seem to do what they want here and ignore where they are wrong.

I was arrested, in January of 2011, on a Malicious Assault charge in which there was no thorough investigation on both parties; there was only consideration on the alleged victims behalf. The alleged victim had no witnesses to the said crime and I, as the defendant, did. How was I accused of Malicious Assault when I was the one who took the alleged victim to the hospital and I signed their hospital release form? What is the definition of MALICIOUS? I was released on bond one month afterwards. I was later arrested again, around 49 days afterwards, for Violation of the Restraining Order. I saw the alleged victim in one store as I entered my appointment in another location. I did not approach or speak, and kept a maximum distance between me and the the alleged victim. The alleged victim wrote in their statement that I had no reason to go into the place I went, when actually I had proof that I did have a reason; in writing and on another document. I was again released on bond. Two months later we went to court for my Bond Revocation which was continued and the “IDEA/SUGGESTION” from an “OUTSIDE SOURCE” to place me on Home Confinement, to “SHUT the ALLEGED VICTIM UP”, was granted in court that day although it was ABSOLUTELY NOT ORIGINALLY part of either one of my bond conditions.

In June of 2011, we went to Family Court and none of us were sworn in! The alleged victim stated that they lived with me in their original Order of Protection court document, yet lied in Family Court stating that they did not live with me prior to and during the alleged criminal accusations filed against me in January of 2011. I was accused of making more than three times more than I did at my job, which I indicated was WRONG. I had documented proof from my legitimate job. Changes were made in Family Court after our hearing and during my absence concerning the Final Court Order. It seems the Judge made a seemingly audible biased cheer toward my absence. I purchased the Family Court DVD Transcript and all I have mentioned concerning that case is on that DVD.

To brings things up to date, the alleged victim has been trying to contact me. They told the Prosecuting Attorney what they were doing, then went as far as filing a Court Petition to dismiss the charges. The Prosecutor was furious more so at me and said I was already indicted and that the State had taken over the case. The Petition to dismiss charges against me by the alleged victim was, of course, denied. What also seems wrong to me, is that the Prosecutor told me that we both violated the restraining order even if she approached me. I also think that it is unfair that if the alleged victim admitted breaking the restraining order, directly to the Prosecuting Attorney, then why didn’t the alleged victim get arrested?

There is more to this case. As with many other cases here, if there was an investigation by the RIGHT authorities or people, they would find so much police misconduct, unjustified cases, violations of ethics, violations of human rights, abuse of power, improperly investigated cases and a lot of  unprofessional conduct within the Justice System in Marion County, West Virginia.

I have filed an appeal in my Family Court case in June of 2011, and haven’t heard anything. I am also still waiting to go to court for my Malicious Assault case. I have a court appointed lawyer whom I had doubts about until recently. I think mine and other’s cases, who obviously seem to get no justice here, need to be urgently looked into and these unfair authorities need to be exposed. I have been trying to get direct and useful help (here and elsewhere online), but haven’t been able find any. Please help us here in WV! Thank you and thank you for this site.




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