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On this episode of CopBlock Radio, Ademo drops a major announcement about CopBlock Protection, a service that provides media attention to your police encounter, among other things. We also take live calls and questions about what to do when police are following you, and even get into Ademo’s love life a little bit. We conclude with some fun videos about how mailmen handle angry dogs better than cops, and one infuriating video of a Seattle cop arresting an old man for using a cane. Catch CopBlock Radio live every Wednesday from 10p to Midnight EST right here at

Should An Officer Be Charged if Her K9 Attacks a Little Boy?

Cop Shoots 7-Year-Old in the Head During Raid of Wrong House, Walks Free

Postal Worker Shows Cops How to Deal with Angry Dogs Without Shooting Them

Cop Writes “HELP” with Dead Victim’s Blood

Cop Arrests 70-Year-Old Man For Using a Cane

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Officer Lynn Eschleman

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