RN almost mudered by an ordered police dog attack

Sign the petition to prevent this excessive police force from happening to anyone else…The attempted MURDER by the ordered police dog begins at 5:03… the vicious attack continues over one minute and thirty seconds…then they pull the huge killer dog off me at 6:38…Viewer discretion is advised…

From a nursing assistant (NA) to a License Vocational Nurse (LVN) since the age of NINETEEN! to a Registered Nurse (RN) since the age of TWENTY THREE! to a future Medical Doctor (Surgeon, MD); to having my future operating arm mauled and chewed on and my dreams intruded with the following footage.
ALLEGEDLY! An officer placed a called about a stolen vehicle and a Black Man, a rookie saw me driving a Mercedes that he could not afford; then crashed into me as I was looking for a safe place to park.

Once they found out they made a mistake and that I was the owner of that brand new Mercedes; they attempted to cover up their mistake by sentencing me to SEVEN YEARS IN PRISON! without reading my rights or allowing me to use the telephone, and they tried to alleged that I crashed my car head-on into them several times, resisted arrest, and strike/kicked a police dog while seating in a seat belted Mercedes SUV getting mauled by a HUGE GERMAN SHEPARD!?!?! equating to SEVEN YEARS IN PRISON!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

I was found by my love ones reporting me missing and I had to pay $50,000!!! to bailed out! FOR MY FREEDOM!!
Now I am free demanding justice so this does not happen to anyone else. Next court date is in Orange County C5 on Dec 7, 2011. Please pray for me and all those that have experienced excessive force and who have been MURDERED!!!

After I was crashed into I felt pain, confusion and fear. I instinctively did not initially stop in fear for my life (sympathetic nervous system “fight or flight response”).
Once the vehicle came to a complete stop you could hear the officer thug yell out “THE DOG!!!” not come out with your hands up in accordance with policy, he immediately calls for ” THE DOG!!” LIKE IN THE 60’S!!! then the thugs ordered the dog to attack me while I still had my SEAT BELT ON!

Then shot me in the spine with an electrical gun WHILE I STILL HAD MY SEAT BELT ON! Then punched me in the head SEVERAL TIMES while I still had my SEAT BELT ON!!

Then they stood there and watched the huge vicious German Shepard viciously attack me for over NINETY SECONDS! waiting for me to BLEED TO DEATH!
BECAUSE I DID NOT DIE!!! they opened the drivers door and SHOT ME AGAIN with the electrical gun( the electrical scar is to my inner left bicep indicating that if I didn’t have my arm instinctively up in the air I would have been shot in the face!)

They shot me while the vicious dog was STILL ATTACKING ME then they ordered the dog off me, unbuckled my safety belt, PULLED ME OUT BY MY HAIR, hand cuffed me, slammed me to the concrete, kicked me in the face and head, hog tied my feet to my hands and the beating got immensely worse!!
When I could not take the beating anymore, I YELLED for HELP! (frame 3:44) then the THUG cop reaches for HIS GUN!!! Then they beating became extremely, immensely worse!

Was this ATTEMPTED MURDER, HATE CRIME and EXCESSIVE POLICE FORCE protecting and serving a tax paying American Citizen???
Having a huge German Shepard chew on my artery for over NINETY Seconds is ATTEMPTED MURDER!

ATTEMPTED MURDER caught on tape!! Do we now understand why so many people of color DO NOT LIVE PAST THE AGE OF 35!!!
DO WE NOW UNDERSTAND WHY SO MANY PEOPLE OF COLOR are in the penal code system. We now understand why Billions of more Dollars are spent on building new prisons instead of schools; while teachers are being fired and forced to work less.

Now do we understand how they plan on filling these newly built prisons.

As a Public Health Nurse in an Orange County jail; my experience was unimaginable. They segregate the minorities and put them in the worse living conditions; mold, rust, mildew, chip paint, MRSA!!, bed bugs and flees where we were suppose to sleep AND LIVE FOR 23 HOURS A DAY!!!

We were the last people to get food, they gave us old dirty clothes to wear and we were physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically abused daily .
Ironically!! This tragedy (March, 2011!!!) occurred Exactly 20 years from the 1991 Rodney King BEATING!!! (March, 1991!!!) This is the worse act of ATTEMPTED MURDER! RACIAL DISCRIMINATION, FALSE IMPRISONMENT, Kid napping, RACIAL profiling, TERRORISM and EXCESSIVE POLICE FORCE to a LICENSED VOCATIONAL NURSE/REGISTERED NURSE caught on film!!!

My Condolences to his family I am truly sorry for your lost.

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