You can’t make this stuff up

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I have been planning on writing on the reasons why I do not like or respect cops and today is the day. You have to understand that this is not a decision made overnight but one that has come with years of experience. You see I am in my mid 40′s and am old enough to have seen the progression of how these people think and work. I hold a degree in history and political science so I am educated in two areas where tyrants shine. You don’t have a good chance of making the history books unless you kill a lot of people and subjugate a whole bunch more. I am former military and fireman and once ran for political office so I am not a crack head mad that I got busted with a rock. With that out of the way let’s start the journey.

I was a kid in the 70′s and came of age in the 1980′s, I feel very lucky that I was born when I was because I enjoyed much more freedom than those born later. I remember when cops were just guys from the neighborhood and were your next door neighbor. I remember when seeing a police car gave me comfort and not dread. The bad part is that I have seen a better county start to fall and it is sad. So, I will just begin with my experiences with those who “protect and serve”.

I will kind of skim over the speeding tickets, you know, I have a gun and am going to steal your cash and I am going to be a dick while I do it, routine. I once had a cop pop a blood vessel because I didn’t change the address on my license, imagine if I had just robbed a liquor store, Christ calm down. How dare I not let my masters know where I live?

I have only been “in trouble” once in my life. It was 1989 and my girlfriend of the time and I were living together. Now she was a firecracker when she got mad and liked to confront very aggressively, so one summer day we got into a argument and she was being crazy, me, still being naïve and stupid thought that I would call the cops and she would calm down so we could get past it, dumb move. The cop was a douche of course and arrested me for what state law called having a penis, you see I went to jail not because she was pressing charges or evidence of wrong doing but because the state says if that call gets placed and you’re the one with the penis you go to jail.

I spent the night in jail and the next day I was released, I was not to have contact with my girlfriend. Now when your girlfriend lives in your house it’s hard not to have contact, it’s my freak’in house! The day I was released was July 5th that just so happened to be a record heat wave that day and I had to walk home which was many miles from that jail. So, with one phone call I had now put myself in jail and made myself homeless and had no car or ride. I had heat stroke day and almost died, I had to stop at a stranger’s house and ask for help. Lesson learned, never call the cops.

At a later time I was pulled up on by a police car while I walked down the street with my girlfriend, what was my crime? I looked like someone they were looking for, no dumb asses, if I was running from the police I wouldn’t be openly walking down the street, they didn’t apologize and they left.

Later I joined the military and the stories I could tell would blow your mind but that is for another time, although I do consider the military as doing time, because you really are no more than a prisoner just hoping you live long enough to get out.

The next experience I had was when my stereo was stolen from my car and I called the police because that is what you are suppose to do, the cop that showed up was not interested and seemed bothered to have to deal with something he didn’t care about, I never saw my stereo or that cop again.

Not long after the stereo fiasco there were three plain clothes cops at the door, I opened the door to a plethora of threats. I mean this detective was a class A asshole. It turns out that my neighbor was writing bad checks and since I lived next door I must be a terrorist, no apology.

Next was another stolen stereo, the cop didn’t even bother to get out of his cruiser, and the next week they stole the whole truck. The cop still didn’t get out. I have no idea if they ever caught who did it, but they did find my truck on blocks some time later, gee thanks. I could have found a truck on blocks. They then towed my stolen truck to the impound yard where the state then charged me a fee to get my own stolen truck back, screwed again. You can’t make this stuff up.

Then there was the one that really broke the camel’s back, a few years ago my nephew finds out that his wife is sleeping around, and, say it with me, yep, a cop. The cop was fully aware that she was married but what does he care he’s a cop.

Now I could write forever and you would get bored after a while so I will wrap up, but if you are keeping score, in all my years there has never been a time that I have said, man, I am glad that cop helped me, because it has never happened. I have been more screwed from the state and cops many times more than any criminal has ever hurt me. They are a gang no different than any other. Oh, and I forgot to mention this, the guy that you would go to if you wanted some weed is now a member of SWAT, how do you like that.

You can’t make this stuff up




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