Suspected Prostitute Discarded; Actions of Emergency Responders Questioned

These officers, firefighters and EMT’s should be ashamed of themselves for the way they handled an unconscious woman in the video below.

First the police arrive and take their time to walk over to an unconscious woman laying on the ground. Then they kind of nudge her once and the other officer gives her a little kick (that was nice of him).

Do they not teach police even the most basic first aid, even something simple like CPR? ABC’s: Airway, Breathing and Circulation that should have been immediately checked.

Then the firefighters arrive and they are even worse. They whip her around by a leg and arm like a rag doll with no neck support only to take out their cell phone cameras to take pictures of her motionless body instead of checking her vital signs. Instead they all stand there like useless tools laughing about something.

Finally an ambulance arrives and I’m thinking she is going to get some help, but again I am wrong. They just flop her over on her back, no body roll and no neck support. Drop her on the stretcher and roll her away.

I know the police have no obligation to help or protect you so I’m really not surprised at how useless they were, but I was completely blown away by the firefighters  and EMT’s for the lack of care and professionalism they showed.

Watch the second video see how properly trained police officers deal with an unconscious person and do their job correctly.


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