Ademo Indicted – 21yrs for Transparency

Ademo is facing 21 years in a cage for seeking transparency & for pointing-out double-standards.

He asked why Manchester West HS student Frank Harrington, whose head was slammed off a lunchroom table, was suspended for 11 days while Manch PD liaison officer Darren Murphy, who did the slamming, was on the job being paid, the next.

December 2, 2011, 1AM
Ademo’s over-arching 3-min video:

Ademo is facing 21 years in a cage for seeking transparency. Manchester West HS student Frank Harrington, who had his head slammed off a lunchroom table, was suspended for 11 days (and later expelled) while Manchester PD liaison officer Darren Murphy, who did the slamming, was back on the job, being paid, the next. Ademo sought to highlight this double standard and is now being targeted by the police and justice system.

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2012.01.20 Ademo Launches Fund Raiser for Defense/Offense Stragety –
2011.12.16 Ademo’s First Hearing (video) –
2011.12.02 CopBlock Founder faces 20 years – Photography Is NOT a Crime
2011.12.01 Ademo Responds to Charges by CopBlock
2011.08.31 Manchester’s Chalking 8 by Cop Block
2011.10.04 High School Student Catches Excessive Force on Video by Cop Block
2011.10.05 Video shows West High student’s arrest by Mark Hayward in the Union Leader
2011.10.06 West High student arrest video goes viral by Kathryn Marchocki in the Union Leader
2011.10.06 Teen on school arrest: ‘I was goofing around’ by Mark Hayward in the Union Leader
2011.10.09 Manchester students say videotape of arrest was not planned by Shawne Wickham in the Union Leader

Below is a Playlist with all videos relating to this case.


Pete Eyre

Pete Eyre is co-founder of As an advocate of peaceful, consensual interactions, he seeks to inject a message of complete liberty and self-government into the conversation of police accountability.

Eyre went to undergrad and grad school for law enforcement, then spent time in DC as an intern at the Cato Institute, a Koch Fellow at the Drug Policy Alliance, Directer of Campus Outreach at the Institute for Humane Studies, Crasher-in-Chief at Bureaucrash, and as a contractor for the Future of Freedom Foundation.

In 2009 he left the belly of the beast and hit the road with Motorhome Diaries and later co-founded Liberty On Tour. He spent time in New Hampshire home, and was involved with Free Keene, the Free State Project and The Daily Decrypt.

  • Tanya

    Obviously, if you are speaking to someone “seeking comment” you would not expect any of your remarks to be private.

    But, those involved in this desperate effort to stop anybody from shining light on their alleged illegal assault of a child will not care about the spirit of the law and instead attempt to twist it to turn a whistle blower into a criminal.

  • Grant

    I thought the courts already said you have a right to record public officials?

  • tim kevins

    Gulity. Have fun in jail.

  • the_facts

    Yes, charges filed! Finally the authorities are gonna do something about the case where the cop assaulted a high school kid… Oh wait, you mean they’re going after the activist blogger/journalist who published stuff about the case? Oh that makes sense.

  • certain

    A public official, payed by the taxpayer, and performing official duties on the behalf of the taxpayer, can not possibly have any expectation to any privacy while in the performance of their duties.

    Acting in the course of such employment, the person is not a “private citizen” anymore, now they are a representative of the public entity. How could any PUBLIC entity possibly ever have any expectation of privacy in anything – video, audio, telephone, etc?

  • Tkoop

    First Amendment (U.S. Constitution) – The New York › Times Topics › Subjects › U › US Constitution…..August 26th of 2011 the Supreme court ruling gave (back) WE the citizens the right video record in public, specifically the police. FTP

  • augustarichard

    so…all media are open to wiretapping charges when they interview the police department? Hmmm. Maybe not all media.

  • Michael Pelletier

    You would think that in light of recent court decisions the cops would switch to a different kind of bullying and intimidation than BS “wiretapping” charges like they used against Bill Alleman – maybe go back to the old standby of planting dope or no-knock-raiding the “wrong address,” or the more psychological, though time-consuming, approach of constant surveillance.

    Wiretapping? Please. Sooner or later a judge is going to get tired of this and slap the cops down HARD. Knowing deprivation of civil rights under color of law is a federal crime, after all.

  • Jay

    theirs pigs plain and simple. what do you with pigs? you slaughter them. don’t like my comment? too fucking bad, find me and do something about it.

  • Anon


    Big words coming from a keyboard warrior. Have you actually went out and attempted to do anything? Or are you one of those people who will just sit back and whine about injustice, but refuse to lift a finger to do something about it?

  • No_Bad


    Why are you trolling him? He said something negative about police, not pete or ademo. Read the comment before you post.

    And why does somebody have to be an activist and go out and do something to have an opinion on this?

  • Dan

    Why hasn’t Adam asked for donations yet?

  • Patrick Nolan

    Ademo – Get a real lawyer this time. This isn’t 90 days in county; you are facing real time and given your relationship with the system, they’ll throw the whole bookcase at you.

    If you have the unedited video with the disclosure that you always say about audio and video recording the call, make a copy of it and get it somewhere safe.

    Good luck.

  • peter K

    i hope you told them you were recording before the taping at some point , even though you told them you were with copblock doesnt tell them you are recording, im surprised because you usually tell them that right away, and the way they twist things you might be in trouble , i agree with the earlier post by patrick, you need a lawyer. if you dont have it on audio at least that you told them you were recording,,i seen your last court battle that you wone but you had the proof there,,,i hope you have it now, we need people like you on the street not in a cage.good luck,,,

  • Bogdan

    If you don’t have the part where you let them know you’re recording (I saw you tell them all the time), first thing first, I’d unpublish the video from YouTube for now, just like they removed the online evidence in “treasure hunt” case. Then you wait for them to see what they have. I think they’ll have to come with their version of the recording (which they didn’t let you know they are recording…), otherwise the case doesn’t make any sense, it’s clear that you edited something there.

    Good luck! Let us know when you need help.

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  • SomeGuyOnTheInternet

    Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this actually a pretty straightforward case of wiretapping here? It looks as though (from the 4th video on the page at the time of this comment) Ademo ended up calling several individuals at the school, didn’t announce that the conversations were being recorded, and continued on as normal. That seems like a clear-cut case there, as opposed to BS charges of wiretapping like standing with a camera held in clear view in a public space. Hopefully I’m wrong, as it would be a shame to see Ademo face years of prison over talking to a high school principal. But AM I wrong?

  • James Voluntary Martens


    Open an chip in and get a Lawyer! I really don’t want to see you in the big house. This is complete B.S. We need you out on the streets as stated above. I will def. donate.

  • Is it not getting clear that unfortunately that the only way to stop tyranny is to kill them?

  • fromjanesville2waukesha

    This is a sad day. It is so absurd that the NH public as a whole would allow this type expensive action be taken for such a minimal “offense.” Take the public defender man, this is serious stuff they’re trying to convict you of.

  • Anon


    I’m not trolling him, I’m simply calling it like I see it. If he has such a negative outlook on Police, why is he not out practicing what he preaches?

    The problem is that far too many people want to just sit around and simply complain and make sarcastic remarks, but nobody wants to actually go do something. Jay is a prime example of it. He apparently hates police and wants them dead, yet he’s only confident enough to make such remarks from the confines of his keyboard.

    If he’s that against them, he should go out and start making a difference. Really, everyone should. If everyone who is just sitting around waiting for something to happen, actually went out and tried to make something happen, we’d be in a far different place than we are today.

    As it stands though, too many people simply want to complain about the “injustice” of what’s going on, but only on an internet forum anonymously.

    I’m not saying I agree with everything police ever do, but I’m not delusional enough to think that just killing them all is the answer, or that if we make enough internet posts, that something will change.

    While I disagree with some of Pete and Ademo’s methods, I at least applaud them for not just sitting around complaining, but actively trying to make a change.

  • Anon it will happen. Because of the police’s actions not ours.

    They as JFK noted are closing all the doors to peaceful resolution with their tyranny. I applaud Ademo but that is not my MO. I would rather be dead than locked in a cage. This is very obviously what the cops controllers want. There is no ambiguity in my mind as to the plan and that is again to bring this thing to blows.

    I wish Ademo luck perhaps his actions will attenuate what seems inevitable.

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
    — John F. Kennedy

  • Peter Ramins

    Dear Prosecutor looking for dirt on this website:

    I am a US citizen. I very much consider this website and these contributors to more closely match the concept of ‘The Press’ than many of the mainstream outfits trying to force feed me bubblegum and celebrities while ignoring real news and real issues…

    Such as police brutality, militarization, and prosecutorial misconduct and overreach.

    Let’s look at that last one – overreach. Sound familiar? It should. Wiretapping involves TAPPING. A. WIRE. Those laws are invariably a reaction to the rise in availability of physical devices people could attach to physical phone lines to record conversations. Using a digital or media recording device like a video camera to record a conversation or event you are taking part in does not meet the requirements of the statute, and nor should it ever.

    How many reporters and news cameramen have you prosecuted for this? What’s that? None? See where I’m going with this? How about you do yourself and the taxpayers a favor and look the charging officer(s) right in the eye and tell them to get the hell out of your office with garbage like this. I don’t want to pay for it. I don’t want you being paid a salary to prosecute it. It’s not a crime. It’s freedom. Stop undermining it.

  • Peter Ramins

    Wait, I got the incidents confused. Phone call? When the recipients were already recording? Are you serious, or just completely mad?

  • John Mullen

    hahaha have fun in jail asshole!!

  • Could we keep it civil John Mullen? I feel a need to wash my hands after talking to you…..

  • David Bonny

    Somewhere along the way this country has turned into an insane asylum. And the freakin’ patients are running the show.

    Where do we go to get our damn country back?

  • Often I think that using the corrupt system is an exercise in futility…..

    In cases like this I would like to see thousands of armed citizens, wearing Guy Fawkes masks, marching in front of the judges and the prosecutors homes handing out fija pamphlets and making movies.

    They are so far gone from the concept of liberty or justice that making them fear us as they should (their bosses) is the only solution. (Is not fear our servants constant MO toward us their bosses?)

    Don’t these criminals understand that the odds are good that they are going to feel the wrath of the American people if they do not repent?

    I think Jefferson hit the nail on the head with:
    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

    His statement in hindsight seems as immutable as the speed of light.
    Tyrants are what they are…..

  • Bob

    John Mullen – keep this civil just like Jay did.

  • I think someone that would lock a man in a cage for 21 years for exercising God given rights deserves punishment up to and including execution……. I would find it hard to find a more evil,despicable, loath full act.


    Will Grigg in an interview on anti-war radio goes into the history of “police” in the US he also talks about law enforcement not having a monopoly on the use of power in the past.

    In the territory of Idaho I believe it was, a citizens committee of vigilance arrested, tried, and hung a murdering sheriff. If the system can not correct itself.

    (And it looks like it can not – we have laws that could IMHO address this criminal prosecutor IF it were enforced. See: Title 42, Chapter 1, Subchapter 1, Section 1983 and Title 18 USC 242 — 1983 –
    See: )

    I think this would be a wonderful way to get our country back from the jack booted terrorists that call themselves law enforcement. The peoples patience is wearing thin….and WE ARE THE LAW.

    Please listen to this interview:
    “Bad cops make the other 5% of law enforcement look bad’.”
    ~Dave Champion

  • T.

    While I can’t even begin to care about what happens to Pete or Ademo I ask everyone else; Have any of you watch these videos? Watch and listen closely to the video with both Pete and Ademo. Finally Pete gets something right (but I don’t think he meant to). In that video he slips and talks about PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, not just police responsibility. BIG DIFFERENCE. Everyone on this site wants total police accountability and infalibity. But watch the original video. One kid stole. The other just ‘happen’ to have’ and use electronic eqiupment that he even admits he shouldn’t have had in school. all you want to focus on is the physical part near the end. The video fails to show everything that happens leading to that end. There is no audio. What did the other teacher there hear? you judge on 1 video, from far away, with no audio, and give complete credit to the comments of a known thief.


    If Pete violated the law, and is convicted in court, STEP UP AND SHOW SOME PERSONAL RESPONSIBILTY AND ACCOUNTIBILITY.

  • Bob

    You mean to say that Pete and Ademo didn’t fool you either? The whole question on this post is “did Ademo wiretap?” As usual they are trying to twist everything back to something else and get everyone’s attention off their actions. I am like you – I don’t care what happens to Ademo. If he is innocent of wiretapping then he will be set free at trial. If not, then he will go to jail and can try and twist everything around there and see if “Bubba” will buy it.

  • Bob
    IMHO you are delusional to start with if you think anyone gets justice in any court. First of all you are lucky if you can even get a trial. Try to get a trial with CPS as to whether they can take your child. Or the cop at a traffic stop that takes your life’s cash savings.

    Do you realize how they choose juries? It is not a jury of your peers that is for sure. Then they do not tell them of their right of nullification – in fact they do the opposite and infer that it does not exist. If you don’t have $20,000 for an attorney you get no justice because the state makes the practice of law a protected monopoly. I could go on for another 5,000 words documenting what a joke our criminal justice system is. The only criminals that I see are the ones that run and support this hoax.

  • Cheshire Cat

    Seems like an old fashioned roundup to me. You see this all the time whether it’s sensationalized or not. The police have a policy of using as much force as they can assume will with 100% probability completely contain a situation.
    That means all people, objects, and situations that have a possibility of complicating the situation even slightly have to be put down until they no longer can do so. Prosecutors adopt this policy as well, indicting at will anyone who becomes involved in a case of citizen vs. state. Think of it as a battlefield, and if you step on it you should be prepared to be classified with their enemies.
    The reason for these actions is as much control as it is intimidation. In the first case, an arrest puts the police in control of the disposition of your belongings and your person.
    This allows them to manipulate evidence, seize valuables, keep you from organizing your resources and contacting people, and of course the intended purpose of the cessation of whatever action you were taking whether it was unlawful or not. This is why they ‘catch and release’ protesters, because it disorganizes them and ends the protest for the moment.
    In the second case, as a method of intimidation, the process is supposed to be so harsh and unapologetically rough towards the victim, that the intended effect is that a citizens lawfulness will be enforced by the fear of undergoing such rough handling.
    Prosecutors adapt these techniques to their own practices, levelling a pile of consecutive charges against those not within immediate reach of an enforcement officer. After all, LEOs can’t show up at your house and plaster on a label of ‘public disturbance’ when they black bag you. But a prosecutor’s office can find a law against opposing them in any fashion.
    And while they don’t take control of your person, know that they will demand any resource or record of yours they can think of, and will arrive in force to take it if it is not delivered.
    All of this manipulation disappears in a mass of bureaucracy so that it can’t be protested, followed, or controlled by the private citizen or their advocates. That applies to enforcers or prosecutors both. This is why they abhor records of these kinds of things in the hands of the private citizen.
    Always copy every record. and just because you hate your enemy, don’t make the mistake of refusing to learn their ways. Forewarned is forearmed.

    The short of long is: Schoolkid does a little horseplay with his sister (from who he ‘stole’ the ‘purse’). Enforcement officer decides to parent someone else’s kid, but using police methods. Sister is understandably upset, and is also put down to contain the situation. Third party records the initial confrontation, make the record public, and is hence targeted for the scrutiny of enforcement for the purposes of intimidation for this (he was shortly thereafter arrested on unrelated charges). And CB gets involved in a more clerical but still somewhat direct manner and is targeted by prosecution. Ademo’s actions have the potential to both inflame the current case against the first party and become a situation of it’s own so he is quickly repressed.
    These cases have a small window in which to appeal to the outrageousness of the circumstances successfully. By hampering a whistleblower with indictment, whether successful or not, they will keep him entangled until that window closes, and wary of further ‘attention’ from courts, causing him to keep his head low and whistle quiet.
    Sorry for the long read, kids.

  • Brent Ryan Thornton

    I wholeheartedly support the merciless retribution against cops by any available means. As there is obviously no line that a pig will not cross, it seems only fitting that we should observe no lines in protecting ourselves and our peers from cops.

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  • ray floyd

    Ademo you are a total waste of life and so is all of your friends,
    I hope you wind up in the jail for ever and you get the shit beat out of you every day until your little faggot ass commits suicide you are a coward and a piece of shit and your parents suck for the 3 mins it took to make you boy i bet they are proud

  • jared

    wow ray hate much? maybe you should cool it on the beers or get laid!

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  • John Doe

    You guys should start using LIVE STREAMING technology. This way they cannot take and destroy your video recordings. People can watch things LIVE while it is unfolding. And, should you get arrested on location all recordings are automatically saved online.

  • I’d say do it yourself, but the states crooked ass lawyer would eat you alive. All you hatets out there, suck a dick. At least these guys are standing uo for something. But your probably pigs anyway. Worthless pigs at that. Just keep doing what your told and you will be alright. A few bad apples spoil the bunch, well look at the state of your occupation is in?

    I say down with the legal system and law enforcement. Just do an eye for an eye and I bet crime drops. Specially if every state was constitutional carry…

  • X

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