Crowdfunding Anti-NYPD Campaign! Can You Help?

It’s stories like the one I’m about to pass along that bring a smile to my face when editing post from the submission tab here at Maybe it’s because I can relate to wanting to do something, taking those first steps or maybe I just liked the idea I don’t know. Nevertheless, Pete’s post got me to put my money where his mouth is. He wrote:

Hi! We’re a group of New Yorkers who are organizing an anti-NYPD crowdfunding campaign that may be of interest to your organization’s supporters. Our goal is to fly a banner over the city in response to the recent aerial banners sponsored by area police officers. We’re trying to push back against the NYPD, borrowing from one of their own tactics. You can find the campaign here.

We hope you can help spread the word among your supporters and on social media!
Peter L.

Well Peter, I see you only have three days left and it might be a long shot but I want to support you anyways. I think a little push back for the NYPD is a good idea. In fact, it’s stories like yours that will fit into the “CopBlock Network” perfectly. Which is why I sent you $25 of my own money. Hopefully in the future we can simply fund things like this on our own.

What do you say readers? Can we get Peter and his friends the additional $1,475 in less than three days to punk the NYPD? Maybe a “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights” option for a banner would help? I hope this can make it I think a video of this would be priceless.

Ademo Freeman

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