Greater Cleveland CopBlock Founder Heads to Court

In the video below DEO -the founder of Greater Cleveland CopBlock– is cited for holding a sign on a public sidewalk. According to DEO’s post published to last June:

[Officer Manzos] cited me yesterday for holding my “checkpoint ahead” sign, because he claimed it was obstructing police business, because it contained the words, “Turn now.” By the way, it’s the SAME checkpoint sign I have been using for two years now – the same sign I was using last month when the Parma police allowed me inside the checkpoint to film. There was plenty of courtesy last month, but harassment and violation of the first amendment this month! What’s next, are we going to determine that we should be forced to carry ID on us from now on, regardless of whether we are driving or not?

See you in court, officer! (11 min video of arrest here)

On Tuesday DEO has court – his final pretrial conference (FB event here) – where he expects the charges to be dropped. I would tend to agree with him, from a logical standpoint, but you never know, especially when it comes to CopBlockers. DEO, and his work through Greater Cleveland CopBlock, have been a thorn in the side of Parma police for sometime. Many, IMO, would say this case is a complete waste of time. A guy on a sidewalk with a sign warning people about police activity ahead shouldn’t draw police attention in the “Land of the Free.” Sadly, it does, because DEO has done this regularly, and so successfully (many drivers avoid these fascist checkpoints), that the police decided – probably after becoming angry with their lack of arrest – that they must stop it.

Of course, they haven’t stopped DEO, or the activities of Greater Cleveland CopBlock at all, if anything they’ve helped more than they know. The video above is the most viewed video on GCCB’s YouTube channel, DEO now co-hosts CopBlock Radio and this case gives him another platform to speak from.  The state is in a pickle here, they either have to drop the case -tuck tail and run- or press it -further highlighting the joke the justice system has become.

While I know what I believe will happen, I’m headed to Ohio tomorrow anyways. I’m going to help DEO highlight this aspect of his case/story, as I would from a CopBlock Protection standpoint, and I’d like to meet up with other CopBlockers in the area while in town. Especially those who are interested in making some planned – I’ve got lots of ideas – CopBlock videos.

Stay tuned to CopBlock for more on DEO’s checkpoint case and content from my trip to Ohio.

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