Right to Travel Music Video

This video was submitted by Tim G, via CopBlock.org’s submission tab. The following is posted in the YouTube description area of the video:

Not everything the police do is involved in combating crime, as revenue generation is considered more important. The amount of officers dedicated strictly to revenue generation would definitely be a shock to most people. The American police state is a multi-billion dollar gestapo that is used to keep the property and the resources of the American people in the hands of corrupt state agencies. The loss of the freedoms outlined in the Bill of Rights are constantly blamed on the drug war and the war on terror. Traveling, which was once a right in America has become a privilege granted by state agencies.

Asserting one’s creator-given rights can lead to the assault, theft, and possibly death, by the hands of the police.

Welcome to the police state in the USSA!

Film the police, assert your rights, and push back whenever you can. Don’t consent to any searches. Assert your right to remain silent. Express your freedom of speech.

If there is no victim, there is no crime.

Tim also added this to his submission:

I just wanted to take time to share a music video I created with a recent song I recorded. I have learned so much from this community and website that I felt you might appreciate this.

This is a great track and video IMO, Tim, keep up the great work.


Ademo Freeman

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