Oct. 22 Marks: National Day Against Police Brutality

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The Call for the 15th National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a GenerationOctober 22, 2010: UNITE TO FIGHT!

Hundreds of people from around the country marched in Detroit to express their pain and outrage at the police shooting of seven-year old Aiyana Jones, killed during a police raid while she was sleeping in her home.  Hundreds more will march on the Department of Justice in Washington DC on September 25th for the Redeem Aiyana’s Dream March, coordinated on the same day with the Mothers Taking a Stand Against Police Brutality and Gun Violence rally taking place in Oakland, CA for Aiyana Jones and Oscar Grant.

Thousands of people nationally were horrified watching the Youtube videos of Oscar Grant lying face down on the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) platform, getting shot in the back on January 1, 2009 by BART police officer Johannes Mehserle.  In July, people demonstrated in the Bay Area and Los Angeles and other cities across the nation when Mehserle received a slap-on-the-wrist conviction of involuntary manslaughter.

Actions for Oscar Grant are being organized all around the country to take place on October 23rd. Days of protests in Los Angeles against the killing of Manuel Jamines, a Guatemalan day laborer, were met with aggressive police repression — rubber bullets, riot gear, and turning two of the protesters over to ICE (immigration) custody.

Six people were killed from 8/30 to 9/7 in Washington State, beginning with John T Williams, a well-known and beloved First Nations totem carver who was shot down on August 30th for carrying a knife and a piece of wood. Three hundred people came out for a vigil and drum circle in protest.

Nationally there has been widespread protests against the new Arizona law, which promotes racial profiling against anyone who “appears” like an immigrant. This new law would result in more arrests and deaths of people at the hands of law enforcement agents.

In under two weeks, two Mexicans were killed on the border by Border Patrol agents, the second death being that of a 15-year-old Mexican boy.

Thousands of people across the country wept angry tears when Lynne Stewart, a people’s attorney for many decades who has fought fiercely against police brutality, was brought up for resentencing and given an even longer prison term of ten years (see www.lynnestewart.org to read more of her history).

October 22nd, the National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation is a day to build upon the resistance that is already happening, and strengthen our ability to UNITE TO FIGHT on a national level.

High school students in many states face police repression and tasers in their schools.  A 17-year old student was tased in Middletown, CT for stealing a Jamaican patty from the school cafeteria.

In Pittsburgh, PA, 18-year old honors student Jordan Trent Miles was attacked by three plainclothes police officers who did not identify themselves.  He was viciously beaten until unrecognizable, some of his dreads torn from his scalp, then charged with aggravated assault.

The NYPD Stop and Frisk policies, which result in police on an average day arbitrarily stopping 2000 people (many of whom have not violated any laws), come down the hardest on teenagers and young men under 20.  Nine out of ten people stopped are Black and Latino.   Any one stop has the potential to turn deadly.

Homeless people are on the front lines of intersection with law enforcement, because they are often in public spaces.  In Portland, Oregon, people are protesting laws which criminalize people sitting on a sidewalk.  In Eureka, California, people are organizing against raids against homeless encampments.

WHY SHOULD YOU COME OUT for the National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation on OCTOBER 22nd?  You should take part in the October 22nd events in your area because —
**You want to help create the most powerful, most visible protest possible on a national basis
**      You want to STOP the LIES told about people stopped, beaten or killed by police – “they must have been doing something wrong or it wouldn’t have happened to them” — and let people know what the real stories are, told by the families of the victims who take part in October 22nd
**      You want to create unity among the different groups of people being attacked – UNITE TO FIGHT!

JOIN US if there is already an October 22nd event in your area.  CREATE one if you are in an area where there is currently no group organizing.  For listings of activities in your area, check the website www.october22.org.To start building for an event in your area, email info@october22.org

List of Assembly Points for Oct. 22, 2010
(information is posted as it is received, so check later if your area is not listed yet)

Albuquerque, New Mexico
4th and Roma, Downtown Albuquerque

Atlanta, Georgia
Woodruff Park (Downtown Atlanta)
Corner of Edgewood Park and Peachtree Street
One block from 5 Points MARTA

Chicago, Illinois
12:00 noon
Thompson Center Plaza
(100 West Randolph Street in the Chicago Loop)

Cleveland, Ohio
Assemble across from Tower City
March through Warehouse District where there has been a lot of
harassment and arrests of Black people in and outside of clubs,
then to the “Justice Center”

Detroit, Michigan
“War Zones to Peace Zones”
Focusing on JUSTICE for Aiyana Stanley Jones
and Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah
7:30 p.m.
St. Peter & Paul Church
1950 Trumbull at Michigan
313.963.8116 or detcoalition@att.net

Freehold, New Jersey
Wed. October 20
Rally for Amit Bornstein
22 year old Amit Bornstein beaten to death by officer
in Monmouth County Jail
Rally at Hall of  Records in Freehold Borough,
1 p.m.
1 E. Main Street   Freehold NJ  07728

Fresno, California
The park on the corner of “N” street and Mariposa St.,
across from the main library east of the Fresno Police Headquarters
– Guerilla Street Play: “How to Protect Yourself From the Biggest
Gang in Town, The Fresno Police”
– Testimony from victims of police brutality
– Vigil for the 48 victims who have died under “El verdugo
reatatero” (noose holding executioner) Chief Jerry Dyer

Greensboro, North Carolina
4:30pm picket the new $14 million dollar jail on the corner of Washington and Edgeworth
5:30pm rally on corner of Freeman Mill Road and E. Florida Street
336 790 7134

Houston, Texas
2:00pm Gather at Burger King (Scott and Cleburne)
2:45pm March with signs to Yates High School (3703 Sampson and Cleburne)
3:00pm Speakout/Demonstration
4:00pm March
6:00pm Rally at Emancipation Park (Dowling and Elgis Street)

Humboldt/Eureka/Redwood Curtain, California
October 23rd is the memorial day for Chris Burgess, who at age 16,
was shot to death by a Eureka cop.  We are hoping to be joined this
year by people from all over our region, including people from
outside of Humboldt County.
Both actions taking place in Eureka, CA:
October 22nd
12:00pm Kick Off and March
food, music, sign-making at Clarke Plaza
3:00pm  Speak Out at Clark and Summer Street
5:00pm  Wheelin Against Brutality
group bike/ skate/wheelchair ride at the Gazebo
7:00pm  Dinner and Vigil at the Courthouse
October 23rd
11:00am  Breakfast at Highland Park
12:00pm  People’s Memory March Against Police Brutality (leaves
from Highland Park)
Honor and Remember Chris Burgess (1-6-90  to 10-23-06)
2:00pm to 4:00pm  Rally at the Courthouse
5:00pm Dinner and Music at Labor Temple,  940 E. Street

Kansas City, Missouri
Details TBA
Los Angeles, CA
2:00pm Pershing Square (532 South Olive Street)
3:00pm March to MacArthur Park
5:00pm Rally
7:00pm Vigil

Minneapolis, Minnesota
October 14th
Panel Discussion on the Role of Police in Society
Walker Church 3104 16th Avenue S.
October 22nd
7:00pm  March leaving from Lake Street at Nicolette Avenue
8:30pm Joint CUAPB/RNC8 Fundraiser at Favor Cafe
913  W. Lake Street    $10 suggested donation

New Orleans, Louisiana
New Orleans Police Department
715 S. Broad Street
Rev. Raymond Brown

New York, NY
October 22nd
3:00pm Unite to Fight Teach-In at Union Square Park South
4:30pm Rally  Union Square Park South
5:00pm March
6:00pm Union Square Park South Rally
2:00pm-4:00pm at St. Nicholas Park (St. Nicholas and 135th Street)
(will then come down and join the 5:00pm march at Union Square)
October 23rd
7:00pm at the Brecht Forum (451 West Street, between Bank & Bethune Streets)
Strategizing meeting on how to Stop Police Brutality, held in conjunction with national activities demanding justice for Oscar Grant
866-235-7814 (toll-free voicemail and fax)

Phoenix, Arizona
October 23rd (part of Oscar Grant national activities)
3:00pm to 5:00pm
Showing of the film “Operation Small Axe”
Conspire Coffee Shop and Art Gallery
901 N. 5th Street
Phoenix, Arizona

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Community Teach In and Speakout
East Liberty Presbyterian Church (Penn and HIghland)

Raleigh, North Carolina
Showing of movie “A Huey P. Newton Story”
3028 Leonard Street

Richmond, Virginia
8:00pm to 9:00pm
Downtown Shockoe Slip

San Diego, California
San Francisco/Bay Area, California
October 22nd
12:00pm to 1:00pm Speakout and Rally at Fruitvale Bart Plaza, 34th Ave and International
4:00pm Rally and March at 71st Avenue and International, Oakland
October 23rd
Justice for Oscar Grant!
International Longshore and Warehouse Union Rally
12:00 noon
Oakland City Hall, near 14th/Broadway

Seattle, Washington
5:00pm Seattle Central Community College,
Broadway and Pine on Capitol Hill
5:30pm Rally starts, followed by a march to downtown Seattle

Montreal, QC
VENDREDI 22 octobre, 16h-18h
devant la Fraternite des policiers et policières de Montréal, 480 Gilford
(metro Laurier, sortie St-Joseph)
Nous commémorerons le souvenir de Anas Bennis, Claudio Castagnetta, Ben Matson,
Quilem Registre, Gladys Tolley, Fredy Villanueva et de toutes les autres victimes.
SAMEDI 23 octobre, 12h30
Rassemblement: Guy & de Maisonneuve
(métro Guy-Concordia, sortie Guy)


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