Media supporting theft of citizens

This article below was posted on wcco minneapolis on dec. 6th. It says how the state citation payment service via telephone has reached its 1 millionth call since 2009! Instead of questioning things like, why are so many tickets given out, how many of these “crimes” are victimless (which I’m guessing almost all are because they are no appearance tickets you pay on this phone line) they praise as a “cost saving service”, huh? This article is just another example of how the state generates revenue to pay more cops to hand out more tickets to build more revenue, vicious cycle. Hey if my livelyhood depended on stealing money from hardworking citizens I’m supposed to protect in order get paid more, I guess they don’t have a choice, right?

– Andrew

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  • Ernesto



    In Minnesota the Media is very pro cop, it rarely has anything bad to say about anything cops do.My city has about 82,000 citizens, crime is relativly low for its size. Earlier this year a cop shot and killed a 17 year old boy because he hit the squad cars hood with a baseball bat, shot and killed a guy in a in a high speed persuit, claiming he fired on the cop first, Two cops shot an unarmed mentally ill man multiple times, claiming he was reaching for one of their weapons,both saying they
    “feared for their lives” the man lived. The media saying, “how brave they actions were”,and “no telling how many people he could have hurt if he got the gun”. The cops here give themselves awards for bravery like halloween candy. How brave do you have to be to shoot an unarmed person, then say you “feared for your life”. I always wonder what is going through a cops mind when they accept an award they know they dont deserve. I call our nightly news “advertising for morons” Recently, a man got trapped under his car as a result of an accident. Citizens stopped to help by lifting the car off the man, a police officer reached under the car and pulled the man out.When the news reported the incident, they said the officer “risked his life” reaching under the car and saving the mans life. I’m not trying to take anything away from the police, but I also believe in giving credit where credit is due.

  • I find it interesting how it’s BRAVE to FEAR FOR YOUR LIFE. And from an unarmed handicapped child they we’re AFRAID. Sounds more like cowardice than bravery.