We get to see some funny shit here at CopBlock.org with the submission tab. This one, the Fart prank on, what are largely NYPD, made me laugh out loud. It’s easy to tell which ones have absolutely NO sense of humor! I’m still laughing when the cop said, “Did you just fart on me?” CLASSIC!

Click on the video below to check out the prank and subscribe to Valeriy Abramov’s channel.


Ademo Freeman

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  • Karen

    Why do most of the police have to talk to him like that just fuking evil dirty no good nasty punk POS
    That why some ppl take them on toe to toe

  • Jonathan

    I am sorry, but that is just nasty. If he pulled that stunt on me, I would probably kick his ass. If the cops weren’t in uniform they would probably do the same. Why push their buttons? That’s just wrong.

  • SenatorSwag

    Kick his ass because he pulled a prank? Yes, is definitely the right choice. Only possible choice to jump to.

  • Karen

    Somebody could be sick and have a gas problem all he have to say are u ok especially he’s in uniform to help someone has to be a crime

  • Karen

    Yeah how dear U make a joke I am above the law I only kill innocent unarmed ppl get away from me
    Do ppl know cops r only ppl not some kind of God they bleed red blood they breathe in oxygen they are not higher beings

  • Adam Sumtimes

    That’s exactly what i felt. Some people have gas because of medical reasons and literally cannot help but rip farts. I had a teacher who would excuse himself in the hallway during class, a year after I graduated he passed away. He was a good dude, and I am glad to know that the students at my High School had more courtesy and kindness than these officers.

  • Karen

    Ohhhh see what I mean u never know and U could be approaching the cop bc UR looking for help and they just start barking at U for no reason very sad I use to work in a nursing home with all kinds of smells but I never twist my face U might make someone feel embarrass and make them feel bad U always try to help it could be U who need help one day

  • Andrew Gulak

    You sound like a real tough guy there cunt.

  • Mike TheVet

    Lol Jesus, really? You’d put hands on a guy for farting?

    C’mon Jonathan. You’re not being serious right now.

  • William Macdonald

    how unprofessional to swear at members of the public no matter what they are doing

  • keepitreal

    Get them to believe that.

  • keepitreal

    Here’s what I don’t understand. That cop that pushes the guy. If you BRUSH up against a cop, if there’s any physical contact at all, you get charged with a felony. So why the difference?

  • john jacob jinglehymerschmidt

    Not surprised to see most cops acting like little bitches.

  • Common Sense

    And if a cop walked up to you and dropped ass, you would flip out, write letters to the editor, call the Chief, and blog away.

  • pickle

    I would laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh…..and then laugh some more. But I’m human and have a sense of humor unlike most of the d-bags in the video. C’mon, farts are funny.

  • pickle

    Well, too many of them became cops because of that movie with Sylvester Stalone, Judge Dredd. Now they think they ARE the law…..

  • CryptoCoin420

    I agree, Jonathan is no better than these jerk off cops. For farting? Seriously? My 5 year old thinks it hilarious when he rips a fart when I am reading a book to him. I don’t swat his ass or yell at him for doing so. GROW UP. EVERYONE FARTS.

  • CryptoCoin420

    You know what I would do? I would just walk away. Wow what a concept! To tell a citizen to “get the fuck out of here, or away from here” or to put their hands on a citizen, complete bullshit its a public street, and dude can FART or FAKE FART anywhere the FUCK he wants to.

  • chris9465

    you got serious anger issues…

  • OdintheTiny

    Then you’re a serious pussy. Either you’re such a pussy you can’t handle someone farting, or you’re a closet homosexual that’s so afraid of anything to do with another man’s ass that you have to react violently to it.

  • The Mule

    Why do they act like that? Because they consider themselves above peasants.

    All through human history, people have been divided into peasants and nobles. The names change, but the core concept remains, whether you’re in 13th century Europe, on a slave plantation in Georgia, or an American 1%er. Nobles and peasants, together through all of history.

    The cops? They’ve always existed too. They’re the class of people who are peasants, but have been deluded into believing that by protecting the interests of nobles they gain some vicarious nobility, even though the nobles look on cops (knights) as every bit as pathetic and beneath them as any other peasant. To those police officers, they’re a class above us all, they have been trained by their desire for nobility to adopt the attitudes of a noble toward peasants; they view our actions and even our existence as obscene and offensive, if necessary only insofar as we’re working.

  • Mike TheVet

    “Everyone farts.” Not only is that true, it’s fricken hilarious.

  • keepitreal

    That’s what I’m talking about. It’s freaking humor. Sure it’s a bit on the juvenile side, but like you say, farts and fart jokes are funny.

  • Pw4x3r

    Above all, this video demonstrates the true attitude of police officers all over the place. Bunch of ignorant swearing, angry, low IQ, tough-guys. Did I leave anything out? Pretty much fact there. Yeah, I really want them around..

  • Jonathan Graves

    My point is that’s just common. Why try to instigate something with the police. If I were at work or minding my business and some guy does that to me? I would be upset. Everyone does not like to play childish games. So flip it. What if the cops farts in your face after they kick your ass? Wouldn’t you complain? Or would you politely ask, “excuse me officer, Are you not feeling well or do you have a medical condition? I can really understand that it is normal for you to violate my rights, but I am really concerned about your gas problem. ”

    There is no reason instagate!

  • Vescha Lahearse

    I am more offended by the smell than the noise. Farts happen. If you have a stomach, intestines and an anus you will fart at some point. I get smelling an offensive odor and getting a bit disgusted but you don’t have to be a dick about the noise of a fart. They fart. Lord knows how many Dutch ovens they made their wives endure.