Worcester, MA – Tape of illegal interrogation released

WBUR, one of Boston’s two NPR radio stations released portions of the taped “confession” of Nga Truong.

The confession was ruled inadmissible by a Worcester Superior Court judge, based on several factors.

Truong, who was 16 years old at the time of the interrogation was not offered “a meaningful or genuine opportunity to consult with the parent, interested adult, or attorney”.

In addition, the judge ruled that Truong was “a frightened, meek, emotionally compromised teenager who never understood the implications of her statements.”

Without the illegally obtained confession, and with absolutely no physical evidence, all charges were dropped and Ms. Truong has been released after spending over two and a half years in pre-trial detention.

Excepts of the videotaped, obtained by WBUR are available on YouTube at:






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*Editior’s NOTE* – The justice system claims that you’re innocent until proven guilty, yet cops ‘question’, or intimidate folks into confessions. What other job in the world could you treat people like this and still get paid? Sad.


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