Plymouth State University Asks Big Brother to Stop Demonstration

In another example of government protecting itself, the Grafton County Superior Court has granted a temporary restraining stopping former police officer -Brad Jardis – and his former Army friend – Tommy – from carrying loaded firearms onto campus tomorrow morning. According to Christopher Burbank (who stated this came from PSU e0mail service), via Facebook:

Bradley Jardis wrote us earlier this week that he and Tommy Mozingo intend to be on campus tomorrow morning to distribute materials about guns and, in opposition to a PSU and University System of New Hampshire policy banning weapons, to bring loaded, slung rifles with them. We had hoped that they would have an unarmed distribution of materials and create a forum for opinions while respecting our policy. Late this morning Bradley Jardis and Tommy Mozingo made clear they will not accept a less potentially dangerous path. Instead they are set on violating the policy by coming to campus with rifles, albeit unloaded and with trigger locks. (See their site at, and ).

It appears from the related traffic on web pages, blogs, and social media sites that substantial interest in this event has been created. We expect there will be a number of sympathizers in attendance, some of whom have announced they will be armed. Potential gun violence is serious. We have received numerous statements of concern from students, parents, staff, and faculty, many of whom are frightened.

We have received a temporary restraining order from the Grafton County Superior Court to stop tomorrow’s event. The restraining order temporarily prohibits Mr. Jardis and Mr. Mozingo and anyone acting in concert with them from violating the policy banning firearms from the campus. It requires them to post the restraining order on the web sites they have used to publicize their intentions. Such an order may not, however, prevent them or others from coming to campus. If anyone violates campus policy, it will be enforced.

Students, faculty, and staff have expressed concern about feeling unsafe; some of you have written of previous experiences with gun violence. If you are uncomfortable, please make the best decision for yourself about being on campus. Faculty will make alternate arrangements to work with students who choose not to be here, without penalty. Please do not confront anyone if an event occurs. If something does occur, we have a text alert system for instructions. A siren means stay indoors until an all-clear is sent. For more information on the siren system, see To sign up for the text alert, go to and click on the text alert system at the left.

It seems Plymouth State University is looking to it’s financial supporter – the state – to be it’s protector as well. School officials are not only taking your money to subsidize their grounds, building and factuality but their now wasting your tax dollars on restraining order for those who wish to invoke their rights. No one knows what will happen tomorrow but we’ll be there to find out. Stay tuned or read the links below for more.

Phone number of those involved:
Campus Police: (603)535-2330
Public Relations at the University: (603)535-2276

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