Police State USA. New Jersey

Another submission to Cop Block.org.

Being from NJ. I can attest to the oppressive nature of the gun laws there. I can remember being 18 and being talked out of gun ownership from every single person I knew. From my parents to the police, to my siblings, to my friends. Basically everyone I asked told me to give it up! Whats worse? You can’t even defend yourself with a knife, as carries most knives is illegal in NJ as well. How do I know?

I was arrested for possession of a weapon when I was 18 for a knife I hand made myself. I grinded a metal blank knife into shape. I carved, sharpened it, and made a wooden handle for it, which I sanded and cover with a rubber coating. I even made a leather sheath for it. I kept in my car and one day I was pulled over and the officer, who lived around the corner from me. KNEW ME! And arrested me anyway for possession of a weapon! If I remember correctly, he witnessed me making the fuckin thing!! I was using resources around the neighborhood to get it all done and he saw me when I asked a neighbor to help me grind the blade!

I feel for Mr Van Gilder here, who, in the video below was arrested and charged with a felony for possessing an 18th century flintlock pistol. From what I see in the video, a beautiful example of the craftsmanship of the period in firearms. All our firearms geeks will understand!

NJ and NY and California, and other similar places should abide by the law of the land which says that we have the right to keep and bear arms and defend ourselves when attacked! Even if the attacker is wearing a costume and a badge! Good luck Mr Van Gilder. Lets change the NJ law into law we can use!!

Remember, “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights!”

Chuck U Farley

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