Dayton suburb’s War on the Poor

Our friend and fellow Cop Blocker, Virgil Vaduva, a solid part of Dayton, Beaver Creek, and Yellow Springs Cop Block, was engaging in some activism in nearby Xenia Ohio, when he was approached by cops wanting to cite him for something. If you don’t know, in Xenia, there is an ordinance against panhandling. Virgil and others including myself see this as a tax on being poor. How else are you supposed to help yourself if one of the ways you can help yourself is now a crime?

But just opposing the ordinance isn’t enough. Virgil has taken his activism to the next level! Something we like to see here at Cop Block! He went to the Xenia town council meeting and told them, on no uncertain terms, that he planned to fight this ordinance through civil disobedience by panhandling himself and donating the proceeds to charity. That he thought the ordinance was unconstitutional, and that it wasn’t a problem that needed a solution in Xenia. I am in awe of Virgil because he put himself in the line of fire to stand up for whats right! A rare trait in this world today. Plus his “no thank you” tactic tickles me to the bone!

Below is video of Virgil addressing the Xenia city council and also of him panhandling in front of city hall. In the panhandling video you’ll notice one of the people who gives him money, informs him that they are feverishly discussing what to do about him outside! ZING!

Xenia Council meeting

Panhandling in Xenia, Ohio from Greene County Herald on Vimeo.

To Xenia PD credit. They are extremely polite and courteous to Virgil.  Or is it just because they know they are on camera? Virgil doesnt go anywhere without his camera gear! He has been an activist, journalist, reporter for some time now with the Greene County Herald. He is a trusted friend, a dedicated Cop Blocker, and what I epitomize as gittin er done!! It has been my extreme pleasure to have some of the same protest miles under my boots with Virgil. I look forward to working with him again in the near future, as there is a Justice for John Crawford protest in Beaver Creek on March 1st. Come join us if you are interested putting an end to this police state that has arisen! Greater Cleveland Cop Block will be there along with other Ohio Cop Block chapters. Counter Current News is also covering the story from down in the Yellow Springs Cop Block area.

Virgil raised almost 42 dollars for charity through his activism which he plans to donate to a local charity. I cant think of a better way to spend my time in -4 degree weather! At least the sun was out.

Chuck U Farley

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