DHS speeding, running red lights for no reason

Submitted through Cop Block.org’s submission tab by anonymous.

Meanwhile in Upstate NY, Homeland Security trucks rollin 5 deep. Notice how our cameraman captures one at a red light, and the above the law, badge grantin extra rights havin, Homeland Security agent blows the red light a full 10 seconds before it turns green! The brave cameraman who captured this video has this to say about the incident:

This video shows Department of Homeland Security speeding down I-787 in New York. While following them I had to do about 70mph to keep up. They did not have any lights going or sirens. One DHS went through a red light because he didn’t feel like waiting. His buddy’s were waiting for him at the next light and they did not go through that one, so no emergency! This is why a lot of people don’t have respect for police, they break the law and nothing happens to them.


The cameraman also notes a NY state trooper that saw this and did nothing about it. The double standard for law enforcement is alive and well among the Department of Homeland Security, and the law enforcement community in NY state.

Remember, “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights!”



Chuck U Farley

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