Cops and Christmas

We wish you a copless Christmas,
We wish you a copless Christmas,
We wish you a copless Christmas,
And a thugless New Year!

The Christmas season is upon us, a joyous time of drunken company parties, contentious family gatherings, bad weather and cops looking to make the most of it by wrapping up their inner thug in blue and putting a shiny badge on it. You might get stopped at a check point, you might be pulled over for whatever reason, you might be at a Christmas party and the cops get called. Be prepared. Give yourself the gift of protection.

What can you do to avoid trouble with cops this Christmas season? Well, you can start by reading my previous article, “What To Do When The Cops Are Involved.”

But lets narrow this down a little more specifically for this holiday season. First, don’t drive drunk, it’s just stupid and you’ll be asking for trouble. If you’re drunk you don’t have your wits and not only might you hurt someone else, even the dumbest cop can wrack up the charges on you and make them stick. If you’re going to deal with the cops, do it soberly. Ok, so maybe you’re at a party and you’re drunk and they show up. Simply refuse to talk to them. Ask if you’re being detained and if they say no, then leave. But if you’re drunk don’t get in your car. You can always just retreat to another room. Go to the bathroom and lock yourself in. Find a closet and just hide. But whatever you do, extricate yourself from the situation as quickly as possible. The longer you are in contact with them, the greater the probability you will get arrested, tazed, beat, shot or all of the above. Minimize contact.

If you’re at a family gathering that gets out of hand and you know that the cops have been called because someone thought it was a good idea, just leave. Go before they get there. Don’t sacrifice your liberty by sticking around. You can always come back later for pumpkin pie.

Get a smart phone and record. That is covered in the other article but I want to make it plain again. If you’re around the cops, record everything. Even if you’ve done something wrong, record anyway so they don’t make it worse or if they do you’ll have the evidence.

Don’t expect any cops to be full of Christmas cheer and give you a break. Expect bad attitudes, coercion and big egos and be pleasantly surprised if it’s any different.

Be safe, but more importantly, be free.

Difster is a Christian, libertarian, economist, anti-cop, blogger currently living in Mexico. You can find his oft neglected blog here.



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