Oxford-Style Debate Challenge to Colonel Creig W. Doyle of Plymouth State University Police

As the entire nation is now aware, Tommy Mozingo and I are presently litigating the illegal restrictions on self-defense that the University System of New Hampshire has enacted on students, parents, alumni, and public members. In the Grafton County Superior Court on 12/13/11 USNH argued that it has authority to enact “policies” that are not “regulations” and therefore they are exempt from the State of New Hampshire’s firearm preemption law and perhaps even the New Hampshire Constitution.

I vehemently disagree… and so do members of the New Hampshire General Court.

Under Plymouth State University “policy” there is one man who can allow non-criminalsto possess firearms for self-defensive purposes, and that man is Colonel Creig W. Doyle, PSU’s Police Chief. I hereby publicly challenge Colonel Doyle to an Oxford-style debate on the following motion: “Firearms and knives should be allowed on campus for self-defensive purposes.

I propose using the Intelligence² US Debates modified Oxford rules format and that Colonel Doyle and I both choose two additional people to join our team in debating the motion.

This is a public policy debate worth having… and I would encourage the Colonel to step up and publicly defend the position he enforces.

Oh… and don’t forget to read New Hampshire’s largest newspaper’s response to USNH/PSU’s massive overreaction to our self-defense rights protest.


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