CopBlock Store Receives A BOOST!

Standard back of all Shirts, Long Sleeves and Hoodies

I can remember back when Pete and I went to pick up the first shirts we ordered, they were part of a batch that we bought just before hitting the road for Liberty On Tour 2010. Those shirts were white, with the logo and I remember thinking, “who else would wear this besides me?” I was kinda right but mostly wrong about that. Those shirts, what we’ve called the version ones, did take forever to sell and it seemed everyone knew what Pete and I didn’t. That no one bought white shirts.

NEW Design

Lesson learned.

The last few years the store has been run by Pete but starting today myself, along with Deo – of Greater Cleveland CopBlock – will take over the daily operations of the’s store. We spent the last week working on design and inventory options for the rework. The past two days we’ve spent our time getting the store to a live state.

All the graphics seen in this post are the new products available. We’ve also tweeked a few favorites, like the Logo design. Which will no longer have “” URL on the front below the logo. Allowing us to make larger logo’s on the front of the gear. As you’ll see when you head over to the store, we also brought back the classic, “Am I Free to Go” graphic, which was spiced up by Sean Fitzthum, see below.


And yes, there’s also a “F-ck the Police” shirt because some people feel that way about police. Yet, this is not a reflection of anyone persons view, nor everyone as a group, of police. I personally plan on wearing one but only as a means to bridge a gap. What gap and how? You’ll just have to come back to and see.

I’ll end this Store blog post update with a thank you. A thank you to everyone who has ordered products from us in the past. That walks the street rocking some of CopBlock’s strike the root gear. I know the moments that can come up when you least expect to find yourself in a police focused conversation. Thank you.

The store is open now and all order will ship by March 15th the new batch of shirts will start production late next week. Use the code: newstore to get 5% off your total order amount.




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