I Do Not Know His Name – I Know Where He Lives

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I do not know his name but know where he lives
1100 E. Osborn Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85014

A police officer who lives in my apartment complex has (on multiple occasions and not just this once but this was the last time it happened) parked his police vehicle and/or personal vehicle in a non-parking zone (i.e. the fire lane), someone else’s parking spot (a reserves spot for other apartment residents), the handicapped spot (usually utilized by the elderly couple next door to make entrance and exit out of the vehicle easier for them), or by double parking behind residents’ vehicles so they cannot get out. The picture attached is of the above.

I do not know his name or badge number, but he has done this multiple times to the point where I have left notes letting him know he cannot park in my space, the handicap space, or any other residents’ spaces and he still does it often. I was told by his drunk of a girlfriend that he recently went as far as to report the elderly couple to CPS because he wants the space, and made a false claim that they are not taking the children to school. This is clearly abuse of his power.

The person who sent in this submission asked for advice on how to handle this parking hog (come on, you had to laugh at that). So, please, leave comment if you have some advice. I’ve also made a few videos of cops parking illegally and though it’s not really that big of a deal, it does really highlight the double standard most officers have. If they believe parking laws don’t apply, how many other laws don’t apply to them as well? That’s something I’d like to ask them on camera, below are a few of those videos.

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