Ademo’s Arraignment on Wiretapping Charges

Yesterday I was arraigned on three counts of felony wiretapping – click here to read about Pete’s and my year long fight on MA wiretapping charges. If convicted I face anywhere from 11.5 to 21 years in prison and up to $12,000 in fines. I say IF because the only way I’ll be convicted is if the state (the system itself) protects it’s own. The three people claiming that I wire tapped them are public officials, whom I recorded while acting in their “public” capacities, but we’ll get more into that as we approach trial.

An arraignment is pretty basic, it’s a hearing where the state decides your bail – a place holder essentially – which is to secure your appearance at future hearings/trial. If you can think of any reason you need to be outside of jail, this is where you explain that to the judge. If you’re representing yourself, the goal here is to make the judge understand that you WILL be present at the scheduled dates/times.

As seen in the video above, I stated to the judge that a) I feel the charges are frivolous b) I’ve never missed a court date in the past – and I’ve had plenty c) I’m a full time activists/blogger and have ever intention of highlighting the silliness of the state’s aggression toward me. The judge seemed to agree because not only did he lower my PR bond from $10,000 to $1,000 but he also removed the clause banning me from possessing firearms. Though the DA made it clear that federal law still permitted it and I told them both that I’m a convicted felon. So the squabble was for nothing.

The only other thing I’d like to note about in the video is how the DA – Michael Valentine – stated that I wasn’t a harm to the community. Yet is going to spend alot of tax dollars attempting to cage me and a lot more if he actually secedes.

I encourage anyone being charged with a victimless crime to visit – that’s where I’ll be posting my court hearings and where you can network with others facing similar charges.

More to come from the magical land of Manchester Superior Court.

Meta Post with current information and backstory – HERE.


Ademo Freeman

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    I understand your beef with this case and the cop. I don’t know the laws there so I can’ comment on that. But court procedures and operations have been arround for centuries. Everything is happening out in open and in front of the camera? 100% available. I think your only going to get sidetracked trying to dispute them. It’s a losing battle. The legality of your case is what you want to draw attention to. The legality of court procedures have been set in stone for a very long time and nothing your going to do is going to change that. If you want the wiretapping thrown out, argue that charge, not the procedures.

  • Moonbat

    File a motion to dismiss. They can’t make out the elements of felony wiretapping. Try to get the minutes from the grand jury. That will cost money though. Lastly, file an ethics complaint against the prosecutor for misleading the tribunal.

  • Molari

    It is amazing that time and money is wasted on frivolously accusing a CopBlock journalist/reporter and try to intimidate him, while a police officer was caught on camera assaulting a child, remains free with no charges.

    Certainly legitimate questions arises out of this for anyone following the story.

    Questions such as, does the DA have biased priorities for not bringing charges to the police officer caught on smart phone camera assaulting a child in a School Cafeteria?

    Was this police officer a personal friend of the DA?

    Why has no one from the police dept investigated this?

  • Joe

    I won’t sign any agreement! Oh your going to send me to vally st jail, ok where do I sign! LoL. I smell a plea.
    full time activist / blogger = LOSER
    Stop wasting taxpayers money.

  • Chris

    “Joe” is entitled to his opinion – as am I. That being said I believe Joe is a total dick.


    The judge certainly should have thrown this out.I hope this doesn’t get to a trial, but if it does,I pray the jury is well informed on it’s nullification duty/powers.If I was on that jury I would hang it!
    Ademo you are in my families prayers brother!

    Why isn’t Radly Balko covering this over at the Agitator?

  • Joe

    @Chris… are absolutly right I am a Dick, thank god, not like that big pussy Adam muller!

  • Bob

    Don’t pray for Ademo – he is an atheist. You are going against his beliefs.

  • Dan

    remember,,sleep on your back when you enter the big house!!!

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  • Ric

    I may have heard something wrong, BUT, if the charges are based on the phone call to a Cpt. @ the police force, most, if not all, of those incoming calls ARE recorded AND the police officers obviously are aware (and thereby consented to the recording by talking on said phones). As you placed the call and recorded, you were aware and consented. SO:::: doesn’t that show “all” parties consented. hmmmmmm.
    just IMHO

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  • Joe

    Has this charge been dropped yet? recent rulings in Ma and the US Supreme Court say it is not Illegal to videotape and record public employee in public. Google this person he just won his case SIMON GLIK