Nine Police Officers Charged with Sexual Molestation of Minors

What is going on here? How can you expect to be trusted when this is what we see from you? Nine cops in eight days charged with sex crimes against minors. From all over. Its not like one place did a raid. These are all separate incidents. How can we put trust in the police when this is what is happening?

The police will then try to put the blame on the people reporting whats going on. Just like the cop in the Eastside traffic stop video. “All you guys see is the bad cops” he says. Because that’s what is happening! We didn’t go out there and make the cops we film do the dumb shit they do! We just happen to capture it on video! And then we get to see how the system supports these “Bad apples” which seem to be more than just a few spoiling the buschel!
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The website Don’t did this report on this story. Even if they are only half right it’s too much!

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Kelly W. Patterson

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