Seals With Clubs (Bitcoin Poker Site) Chairman Raided at Gunpoint

SealsWithClubsSome of the readers here might know that poker is not only a passion of mine, it was a profession for several years and something I’ve been doing more lately but this blog isn’t about me. It’s about a man who was terrorized by men with guns in his own home.

Bryan Micon, professional poker player and chairman of the Bitcoin poker website “Seals with Clubs” had his Las Vegas home raided on February 11th, 2015. According to Bryan, in the video below, ‘several men’ with guns came into his home with full knowledge that he’s a peaceful, nonviolent family man and that his 2 year old child was in the house.

Ladies and gentleman, this is what a police state looks like. Here is Micon’s version of the story:

It was the Nevada Gaming Commission, the gambling police, that terrorized the Micon family last week. Yes, this was terrorism, because not only was Micon not harming anyone by being the Chairman of Seals with Clubs, but he wasn’t even charged with a crime. Now, thanks to these jack boot thugs, the Micon family has decided to leave the country, taking their productive family and business with them.

I’ve reached out to Micon and hope to get more details on this story as they develop.

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