Join the CopBlock Network – Tell others that “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.”

For many years those of us behind the front page here at have done our work here without expectations and we’ll continue to do so because we truly care about spreading the message that “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.” The educational material, graphics and videos that have been created under the CopBlock banner are amazing. The chapters, groups and affiliates that have sprung to life due to start of this website, a contributors actions, or a shared story are also amazing. Yet, we can do more… much more.

Recently I re-launched “CopBlock Protection” and after some discussion with those close to me, I realized that CopBlock Protection didn’t blend with’s mission – that Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights – all that well. Though I think the idea of CopBlock Protection might one day be a viable step to ending the police state, because at some point someone has to provide the alternative, I no longer believe that’s the direction for – the website.

What would be effective is to simply keep doing what we’ve been doing, only bigger, more organized and better; producing blogs, podcast, radio shows, videos, graphics and flyers to spread the message. That being said, there are costs that are associated with producing such content and, with just a fraction of the readers here who share our thoughts that “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights” donating $1/month to the CopBlock Network we can take several aspects of to the next level.

For example:

  • More Boots On the Ground: Becoming a Network means having eyes and ears on the ground everywhere. Sending skilled CopBlockers to areas of breaking news, large events, and other points of interest will give the “CopBlock Network” the eyes and ears it needs to become not just an educational site, but also a breaking news outlet. We’ll also network with other offshoots to develop targeted education, networking, and CopBlock-related events throughout the world.
  • Expand Gear and Handouts: We’ve had a store for a while and there’s a solid base of educational material. These have obvious benefits in terms of spreading a police accountability message. Yet, with your commitment, we can obtain more informational materials in bulk quantities. The goal is to render the Network less dependent on donations and to obtain low-cost resources for local groups and individuals.
  • Create Original Content: CopBlockers are already producing content including, but not limited to original blogs, videos, the Police Accountability Report, and CopBlock Radio. With nearly 150 CopBlock offshoots sprouting up throughout the world, with your commitment, the Network seeks to expand the ability of such organizations to further develop CopBlock news, campaigns for victims of police abuse, and other activism based content.
  • NO LIMITS: Lastly, I could breakdown all the ideas possible at this time but the truth is, the sky is the limit. Will there be a headquarters? A studio, newsroom, campaigns for victims, fundraisers, attorneys on retainer, among other things are all within the realm of possibilities, and we are committed to taking this message to as many outlets as possible.

The ideas above are aside from the standard operating cost of the site, which are currently funded by ads on the site, and cost hundreds of dollars per month. Yet, all the existing aspects can improve and those of the future can become a reality for just $1/month. As a donor to the CopBlock Network you’ll receive a monthly “Donors” only newsletter explaining donation allocations. If you feel the money isn’t being used to the fullest we encourage you to say so and/or withdraw your donation from the network.

Yet, if you know the truth about the police state and believe that “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights” then consider donating $1 each month to the CopBlock Network. Help us be in the best position possible to make a larger impact.

For more information about the CopBlock Network visit the page, or sign up by clicking on the link below.



Ademo Freeman

was born and raised in Wisconsin, traveled the country in a RV dubbed "MARV" and is an advocate of a voluntary society, where force is replaced with voluntary interactions. He's partaken in projects such as, Motorhome Diaries, Liberty on Tour, Free Keene, Free Talk Live and is the Founder of ____________________________________________________________________________ If you enjoy my work at, please, consider donating $1/month to the CopBlock Network or purchasing Gear from the store. ____________________________________________________________________________ Find Ademo at these social networks: Facebook Twitter Youtube