A Second National Day of Protest for John Crawford March 1st

John Crawford protest last month
John Crawford protest last month

Join the Second National Day of protest for John Crawford

This is big… the SECOND NATIONAL DAY OF PROTEST for #JohnCrawford! This month, just like last month, the #FirstSunday is on the 1st! That’s March 1, 2015; I.E. – NEXT WEEKEND!

Meet at the Beavercreek Walmart in Ohio, where John Crawford was murdered for playing with a toy, or if you are outside of the area, organize your OWN events page for your LOCAL protest demanding #JusticeForCrawford at your local Walmart! If you do organize one, please post the link to the Beavercreek event page (link to the event on facebook), so we can help get the word out!

Greater Cleveland Cop Block, along with many other chapters of Ohio Cop Block (see bottom of post for links to active Cop Block affiliates in Ohio) will be in attendance. We are going to make this a huge monthly event on every first Sunday of the month! However, we need (and want) you to come out with us and show everyone that we haven’t forgotten John Crawford, nor will we stand for anymore “John Crawfords.”

In addition, if you come, you can meet DEO, host of Cop Block Radio Show and Ademo, Founder of Cop Block, both of whom will be in attendance and looking forward to seeing you there.

Ohio Cop Block Chapters

Chuck U Farley

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