At Feb. 22nd Vigil for Tamir Rice, Cops Show Up En Masse (Video)

Snapshot 1 (2-22-2015 9-19 PM)Video from the Vigil for Tamir Rice.

Greater Cleveland Cop Block‘s condolences, as well as mine personally, (as always) go out to the Rice family.

The cops showed up en masse to a vigil for Tamir Rice in Cleveland on February 22, 2015. Only they weren’t there to pay their respects to him or anyone else. In fact, they were not nice at all to Ademo, who was only asking why they were blinding drivers with their spotlight. I guess they must have thought they wouldn’t see the sign that way.

Then one of the cop cars had a headlight out. “Boy I wish there was a cop around! Somebody should give that guy a ticket!” Ademo exclaimed, as one of them rolled down the window to get a picture of me and/or a video of the sign! I’m sure he heard him! However, they refused to even acknowledge the burned out headlight. Must be nice to not have to follow laws like everyone else does.

My L.E.D. sign read:

Police brutality is a systemic problem nationwide. Ohio is not immune.
Justice for Tamir
Cleveland Police. We are watching a lot closer now!
Greater Clevleand Cop Block
R.I.P. Tamir, Tanisha, John Crawford and all the others.”

R.I.P. Tamir.


Chuck U Farley

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