Will NH Courts Continue to Censor?

Should NH courts be open and accessible or will they remain censored?

Censorship, even if done for the best of intentions, subsumes the initiation of force – something experienced by individuals seeking transparency at Keene district court and Cheshire Co. superior court. On Friday, Dec. 16, 2011 at the NH supreme court the “rules committee” took comment to determine whether they will “allow” you and me to film their actions.

Despite using different arguments and rationale, every commenter advocated for increased openness. A couple even mentioned how bad things can get when that is lacking. The “committee” seemed receptive. But even if they “rule” on the side of secret proceedings, their text on paper can only usurp your rights if you allow it so.

Below is a video Ademo published yesterday, featuring a not-so friendly public official. Are you happy you pay for such actions?

In late June Ademo was caged and charged with “improper influence” after he politely asked Ed Burke a few questions (about the unjust arrest of Beau Davis):

Shortly after Ademo’s arrest Derrick J. Freeman was arrested:

In July FreeKeene TV did a segment on this issue:

In September Jason Talley was arrested a block away in superior court:
Jason Talley Arrested at Keene Superior Court

Pete Eyre

Pete Eyre is co-founder of CopBlock.org. As an advocate of peaceful, consensual interactions, he seeks to inject a message of complete liberty and self-government into the conversation of police accountability. Eyre went to undergrad and grad school for law enforcement, then spent time in DC as an intern at the Cato Institute, a Koch Fellow at the Drug Policy Alliance, Directer of Campus Outreach at the Institute for Humane Studies, Crasher-in-Chief at Bureaucrash, and as a contractor for the Future of Freedom Foundation. In 2009 he left the belly of the beast and hit the road with Motorhome Diaries and later co-founded Liberty On Tour. He spent time in New Hampshire home, and was involved with Free Keene, the Free State Project and The Daily Decrypt.