And They Have a Problem with My Sign?

Cleveland Scene Magazine found this sign hanging in the Cleveland Justice Center. You can read the Cleveland Scene article here.

20150213_165125It’s disturbing to me that this is the attitude of the people that we have charged with our protection. Hopefully, the people of Cleveland would expect better of them. I would think the Cleveland Police would be trying everything they could to fix the image they have created for themselves over the last 10 years.

Why are police in the U.S. so aggressive all the time, even with their “jokes?” In other countries, the police are only defensive. Most other countries don’t even let the cops carry guns. They have em, for when the shit hits the fan, but they are not carrying around assault rifles, like they do here.

Now, I am not saying that our police shouldn’t be armed. This is America, after all, and we all enjoy the right to bear arms. I wouldn’t want to take it away from cops anymore than I’d want it to be taken away from us. But this sign? In a place of the supposed “Hallowed Halls of Justice?” I’m talking about holding our police to a higher standard! Why shouldn’t we expect them to be held to a higher standard? If this is how they see us, what chance do they ever have of rebuilding trust in the community? I mean that’s what they all say they want to do to our faces, right? They tell us how they want to rebuild that trust, and then you catch em doing dumb shit like this!

I was cited in Parma for having a sign at a checkpoint (see video below) telling people something they have every right to do anyway, and this is acceptable? Excuse me a moment. I have to laugh out loud! It’s no wonder no one trusts police. It’s no wonder we feel like we live in a police state. If the Cleveland police want to rebuild anything within this community, they better start by cleaning house in their own headquarters. I shouldn’t have to fear for my life in the courthouse from them. I already made it through the police encounter in the first place and that was supposed to be the hard part!

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Chuck U Farley

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  • Pw4x3r

    They actually gave you a citation for this! Hilarious! Please give us the results of the city v. you on this first amendment violation!

  • JC

    Why don’t you check the ordinances of the city you are in. Obviously you don’t know the rules as well as you think you do. Typical idiot copblocker

  • Jon

    Better question, why don’t you educate us on how the city ordinance can dictate the speech on a sign and still conform to the first amendment to the US constitution? I mean, since you obviously think that a city can you know…legislate around the bill of rights.

  • Jack Hoffman

    typical for ohio… they need those extra bullets for the unarmed victims who are shot 17 times. thank goodness they don’t waste any for warning shots at the courthouse.

  • jonn

    LOL! The Three Amigos……all that was missing was the sombreros.
    Really? The taxpayers are actually having to shell out wages, benefits, and equipment costs to have these 3 clowns on the streets preventing horrible crimes such as words on a sign.
    I guess the one cop is out trying to make back the 40Gs he cost that city for his actions.
    what is next for these a$$ clowns…..chalking parked car tires?

  • RadicalAwesomeDude

    The state works in mysterious ways.

  • Jack Hammer

    City ordinances don’t trump state law, or the Constitution.

  • Joseph Murray

    I’d love to see the ‘ordinance’ that makes it an infraction to interfere or obstruct Police Educational Activities. Hahaha!

  • Sikko

    They hung a sign? Oh no, the horror!!! How dare they!!!

    Love the amateur psychoanalysis of their attitude based on a sign.

  • JC

    Really? Look at the marijuana laws in Colorado or Washington.

  • JC

    Here is a copy of all the states that have these checkpoints. I asked

    ” Why don’t you check the ordinances of the city you are in” Obviously there is something regarding signs at the checkpoints.

    This link shows lots of people who are cited for posting signs before checkpoints.

  • ymygody

    It’s not an city ordnance you dumb fuck. Its a state law.

  • simpleton

    First amendment right, I get it. But its the cavalier attitude just rubs everyone wrong. They post it because they think its funny. Show that sign to someone who got killed by a police bullet. Particularly the ones who were completely unarmed. Shouldn’t have any problem finding any of those cases on the internet.

  • JC

    Post a link that backs up your statement dumb fuck

  • ymygody

    imagine that, a fucking retard answered me again.

  • JC

    No, you are the fucking retard. You didn’t answer my question. You more than likely won’t because you are lying as usual.

  • ymygody

    wow what a comeback. Fucking retard

  • Jack Hammer

    The Feds are choosing, at this time, not to enforce them. That could change come Jan 2017.

  • Yankeefan

    Obviously there isn’t but nice attempt to troll, Holding a sign at or advertising a checkpoint is not illegal.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    No, it isn’t. That police cite for it is more about them existing in a state of unlawful than it being illegal.