Broward County Florida Cop Assaults Man in Bus Terminal (Video)

South Florida Cop BlockThe content below was received from South Florida Cop Block, via the Cop Block submissions page.

A Broward County police officer seems to push a man to the ground, and then slaps him in the face before arresting him. Apparently this cop was butt hurt that the man told him to “fuck off.” I thought this discussion was already done. The SCOTUS has ruled telling a cop to “fuck off” is protected free speech. How many more of the ego maniacs have to be caught on video doing this kind of thing before we can be safe in the knowledge this is a 100% legal activity?

I will not be engaging in this activity anytime soon. At least not just for the sake of telling a cop to “fuck off.” Give me any unlawful order and you’re damn right I’ll tell him that! But to just walk up and say it and walk away. Not a smart idea, albeit 100% legal.


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Chuck U Farley

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