“I’m Going to Make You a YouTube Star on CopBlock.”

angrypigThis video and blog post was sent to us via the CopBlock.org submission tab, it’s yet another example of why we should always film the police.

February 23rd, 2015:

I pulled into my girlfriends residence and got out of the truck. I was walking to her apartment and an officer pulled up next to me and asked me for ID. I asked why? He then got out of his car and demanded ID and said I looked like someone who had a warrant. I refused to give ID and pulled my phone out to record. I asked if I was being detained and he said yes, until I show him ID and he verifies who I am.


Several onlookers started to gather and I asked them to record. I argued with the officer that he was violating my constitutional rights, he said he was conducting a criminal investigation and I had to show him ID. I still refused, asked for a supervisor, no supervisor ever showed up. I asked several times for a supervisor, he would not let me leave and said if I didn’t quiet down, I would be arrested for inciting a riot and breach of peace!


I told the officer he was not in charge and that we the people were his employers. He puts his finger in my face and says his finger is not in my face and the video clearly shows it was. I was detained for 20 min, no charges, nothing. He then starts to ask the crowd if anyone knew who I was. I gave my name to one of the people recording and asked them to send me the video. He hears my name and then comes back and says see it was that easy.


He then again demands me to ID myself, after he already had my name. He ran the plates on my girlfriends truck, they came back to her and her EX Mark, he asked if I am Mark, I tell him no and say have a nice day, he said you’re not going anywhere. I threaten to sue and also call him a few choice words. Scumbag, Bully Thug Cop. After 20 min, he finally says I can go. I tell him I was free to leave the entire time.


Shannon Carson

My favorite part is here, when Shannon tells the cop that he’ll make him a YouTube star on CopBlock, LOL! Here’s to hoping 100,000 people get to see how stupid this cop was being. Thanks for having the courage to stick up to this thug Shannon!

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