Mike Burns and the Pasco County Courthouse

10915206_10152452042122924_4161065428101492439_nBelow is another entertaining video from one of my favorite Cop Blockers, Mike Burns of Central Florida Cop Block. Mike never ceases to crack me up with the commentary on his videos. Check out this playlist below of a series of videos he recorded at the Pasco County Courthouse while he was there for a court case. For 3  years now, Mike has been Cop Blocking and never fails to impress. You may even remember him as the guy who wore a “fuck the police” shirt in court and won!

Since the bailiffs didn’t know what to do with him, they called another cop in, who gets physical with Mike before coercing his name and birth date out of him. As usual, Mike remains calm and gives up only the essential Central Fla Cop Block Logoinformation.  Mike got into Cop Block while trying to fight a false arrest charge from Pasco. He had to upload the video to YouTube, just so the cops and prosecutors would watch it. Then, someone reached out to him and told him to start a Cop Block chapter so he did! His police interactions turned him into a full time Cop Blocker!

See more Mike Burns vids here at cop block.org, and on Mike’s You Tube channel and Facebook page

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