Cop Block Radio Show

Don’t forget people. Tonight at 10:00 PM EST, Derrick and DEO and Ademo, will be bringing you the CopBlock radio show on LRN.FM, home of Free Talk Live, and many other great liberty oriented radio shows.
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Tonight we will be talking about the massive police response to the Tamir Rice vigil that Ademo and I attended in the snow. I got my first chance to use the new LED sign I got for checkpoint season this year. I used it to spread the message that, “Badges Dont Grant Extra Rights,” and posted a warning to the Cleveland Police that we will be watching a lot closer from now on!

Also we will talk about Mike Burns most recent trip to Pasco Courthouse. Mike always cracks me up with his videos and this one is no exception.

We also have Brett Sanders latest video of him being accosted, while open carrying in Texas, by a cop with an AR15 poised to fire on him.

Tune in tonight for these and more stories of police interactions and abuse.  I almost forgot. We will be giving away a T Shirt to a random caller tonight. Tune in and call in for your chance to win! See you in a little bit!

Cop Block Radio Show


Chuck U Farley

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