Stephen J. Maiorino – Florida Police Officer Held Without Bail for Rape

Rapist Cop
Rapist Cop

It’s bad enough to have your night out end with a police interaction but to have it end the way it did for this 20-year old from Boynton Beach is down right awful. After what seemed to be a fun night out on the town, the 20 year old victim and her friend were pulled over for a DUI. I’m certain the 20 year old didn’t expect that her friend, who was on his way to jail for a DUI, was going to have the easier night out of the two, but he most certainly did.

On October 15, employees with the Boynton Police Department stopped a vehicle and arrested the driver for DUI. This left the 20 year old passenger stranded and a police officer was dispatched to pick her up and transport her back to the station, where relatives would pick her up. Unfortunately, the officer sent to pick her up was Stephen J. Maiorino, who was on this episode of TruTV’s Most Shocking, and he had different plans for how the evening would end.

After picking up the victim Maiorino drove her to the police station where, according to court documents, he told her to perform oral sex on him or she would face a DUI charge too. Out of fear for her life the woman complied but the assault didn’t end there. Maiorino then drove the victim away from the police station and with one hand held her face down on the hood of his patrol cruiser, while his other hand held his police issued firearm. Maiorino then took his victim back to the police station and made one last threat. He pointed his firearm at her and told her that if she told anyone, he’d kill her, her family, and anyone else she told.

Thankfully, the woman had the courage to report the incident and led investigators to the scene of the crime, where a bundle of DNA evidence was found, including a condom with the victims DNA and that of Maiorino. As the video below details, Maiorino voluntarily turned over his clothes (which also had matching DNA from the condom found at the scene of the crime) and then walked himself into the Palm Beach County jail – where he’s being held without bail.

I guess most who read this, especially you CommonSense, would believe the system worked here, that a bad cop is off the streets. Yet, its the system of policing that allowed this guy to have such ‘authority’ over another and to instill so much fear into a person that they’d do things they normally wouldn’t. No doubt, Stephen J. Maiorino is responsible for his actions that night and I hope the victim can find some sort of justice, but we have to take a look at the bigger picture. This perceived sense of safety, integrity and honesty amongst police officer is a joke. Would this rape even have been possible if Maiorino didn’t have this false sense of security working for him? Would this woman had gotten into any man’s car? Of course, I don’t know for certain, but I’d be willing to guess not.

As much as “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights,” they also don’t mean “I’m a good guy who’s here to help you” either. Remember this poor woman’s story the next time you’re thinking of calling the police to give you a hand.


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