Police Awareness Themed Music Video by Kendrick Lamar & Jonathan Emile

Heaven Help DemKendrick Lamar & Jonathan Emile submitted their song, “Heaven Help Dem,” which contains an anti-police brutality theme (see below for lyrics), via the CopBlock.org’s submission tab. As I stated to them in an email:

“It’s great to see a larger number of artists express their views of the police state via their music.”

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“Heaven Help Dem” Lyrics:

This song is dedicated to the murderers…
May god judge you accordingly. Good luck with that one…

[Hook: Jonathan Emile]
You see the beast starts sprayin’
That’s what I’m sayin’
Dem not playin’
Lord, Heaven Help Dem, Heaven Help Dem
See di man dem ‘pon di corner ‘pon cocked ready to draw
When dem face in-front of Jah
God, Heaven Help Dem, Heaven Help Dem

[Verse 1: Jonathan Emile]
Feast your eyes realize this one
That the police are just people with guns
I mean people with funds and guns given the power of blood
To lick-a-shot in a di street and get your people to run — son
And when a cop dies, we all mortified
But when a cop kills he don’t need no alibi
I’m not sayin’ that they should be flawless
I’m telling you the world is lawless
Because we got young knuckleheads power tripping with they tools
And who they serving and protecting? Brother not you…
Not true? Why you think dem call dem babylon?
Cause them just agents of the system
Twist one up get your fist up in the air
Diallo, Bell, and Villanueva I say a prayer
I wonder do they include all the police murders when they go and calculate the murder rate each year?


[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
They all say the average black man only live ’til 25
Pac died at 25
How many kids you know dead at 20? Five?
Now that’s life, I know 10 that’s crumbling in coffins
Dead as a doorknob
Fresh out of high-school and couldn’t find no job
Went straight to the grave
It’s crazy how the grim reaper in love with such tender age
I think about it as I gaze upon my ceiling
He woke up brushed his teeth then jumped in the shower
Stared at the mirror after he dried his face with a towel
And said, “This can be the day I might pass away
From an altercation my homie got into yesterday
Or mistaken identity, him thinking I was his enemy
When I never seen him a day in my life”
This is life for a young black man
With his future and his burner in his hand
While you’re on your grind, keep this mind
We say…

[Bridge: Jonathan Emile & (Kendrick Lamar)]
Heaven help the man who takes another man’s life
Heaven help the man who makes the other man fight
Heaven help the man who fears the other man because he got a tan or he black or he white
(That’s Jonathan Emile by the way)
Heaven help the mamma who just lost her by they guns and the justice that was there for safety
(Mindpeacelove records)
And heaven knows just why they had to take his life
(Take ‘em home)
And people are angry and people want answers
He wasn’t a nuisance he wasn’t a gangster
They want justice in these streets but there seems to be no justice for police and so
Heaven help the man who crush another man will
Heaven help the man who makes another man kill
Help the rioters who’s going crazy
In the streets all they’re really screaming out is save me


Kendrick Lamar, I want to thank you very much for doing this song
It’s Jonathan Emile, 514 stand up
Franco Proietti on the alto saxophone
Jonathan Emile on the beat
This goes out to anybody who has been a victim of abuse of power
Hate, violence. It’s time we stand up
Ferguson aye, to the world. Ahh..
Montréal, New York, ayy
Dem killin’ da people dem
Lyin’ to the people all the time. Ahh..
Inna da streets you see a rainbow
We’re marching for our rights

Music is a powerful medium through which to share ideas.




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