Camera Allows Man to Say, “All Cops Are Assholes,” to Their Face.

This video was sent in via’s submission tab by Nicholas Fiore. It’s a great video, even though Nicholas mistakenly says, “” (instead of, because I feel Nicholas handled this exceptionally well. Sure he was worked up and using a loud voice, but he wasn’t yelling, he wasn’t belligerent and (most importantly) he used his video camera. Watch  Nicholas in action in the video below:

There are a number of things Nicholas did well here. First, as mentioned above, filming is a key factor why he was able to say, “All cops are assholes.” Do you think he would have gotten away with that if it wasn’t for the video camera? I don’t. Asking for a supervisor was a good idea, too. Sometimes, that can lead to cooler heads prevailing, as it seemed to in this video. Nicholas even told the cops that he didn’t feel comfortable with them getting so close to them, since he knows they’re killers (probably from reading, which is something else I don’t think he would have gotten away with had he not been recording.

The lesson here is obvious, you have to be a jack boot licking compliant slave to survive an interaction with a cop without a camera. When you have a camera, you can tell them how you feel, ask for their bosses to come on scene and tell them all to ‘fuck off’ because cops fear the camera. Expand your knowledge, get familiar with your gear (smart phone apps) and record the cops NO MATTER WHAT.


Ademo Freeman

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