Beavercreek (OH) Police Serve WalMart and Issue Lifetime Ban to John Crawford Supporter

IMG_0468_2This past Sunday myself and about 20 other people spent about two hours outside the Beavercreek, OH Walmart. Were they having a sale? Fundraiser? Sadly, those are not the reasons we’re outside braving the snow. The small, but committed, group of protesters were there to remind those shopping or driving by that John Crawford was murder by a Beavercreek Police Officer while shopping at that very WalMart.

The John Crawford case is another tragedy – in a line of many (see this weekend’s video of police in Los Angles killing a homeless man, then handcuffing his dead body) – that has plagued the USSA (make no mistake, you are not living in the land of the free anymore) for decades but only recently gained  traction with national/worldwide media.  You can watch the video of John being murdered here and determine for yourself if you support John. (More on the John Crawford case here)

Those who attended the protest have already made up their minds, they stand with John Crawford, and with the exception of the few motorist who threw up their middle fingers, and the one who pretended to shoot those on the sidewalk with his ‘finger’ gun (I’m guessing he’s employed by the thin blue line), nearly every one who interacted with protestors was in support of getting John justice.  That’s what brought Ashley Williams, of Beavercreek, OH out to her “first ever live protest,” she admitted afterwards. She probably had no idea that her first ever protest was going to lead to a lifetime ban from with world’s largest retailer – WalMart. Below is the video of Ashley’s interaction with Beavercreek police – one who refused to ID himself – and the WalMart employees.

I’m not sure why WalMart needed to call the cops over this. First, the people who were allegedly being a disturbance we’re leaving the building. It’s not like they chained themselves to a display and started screaming. Second, Ashley states – as seen in the video – that she wasn’t partaking in the actions of the two other gentlemen and that she was also leaving the store. Lastly, when the police do show up the two men are no where to be found and instead of searching for the ones who may have made a disturbance, the Beavercreek police employee singles out Ashely. They detain her for a short period of time, long enough to issue her a lifetime ban from WalMart – at the request of one of their employees, see video.

Which was kinda the weird part for me. Why did the police come to issue this ban? Why didn’t the WalMart employees just tell all three people while they were escorting them out that they could never come back? I guess Beavercreek WalMart Employees haven’t learned, or let it sink in, that every time you call the police, someone could die, just like John Crawford died in their store after one of their customers call the police.

Join these great folks next month – in Beavercreek or near your own WalMart. Maybe



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