LAPD Employee Slams Cancer Patient for Recording – CopBlock Exclusive

11028305_10205486776636054_1076906875_oThis past weekend the world was shocked by the senseless killing of Africa by the LAPD but the regular readers of this site know that last weekends killing was just the latest installment of the growing problems with policing today. The LAPD’s public relations nightmare continues as the video below, sent to by De Andre Ellison, shows an unidentified LAPD officer slamming a woman to the ground for merely recording them.

The video starts after some sort of altercation with police was already underway. Ellison states that five officers tasered a man unnecessarily before the video started recording prompting the actions that followed. Early in the video you see “Officer Martinez” – according to the YouTube channel and Ellison – holding her baton and in a defensive stance. The person behind the camera, as well as others, can be heard yelling, “You wrong, you wrong” over and over. This leads me to believe that Ellison’s statement is true, that officers seemed to have done something this crowd – the community the officers claim to protect and SERVE – disapproves of.

As the video progresses you hear a male officer say, “Take him too.” Bystanders with video cameras in their hands can be seen closing in on the arrest when Martinez comes back into frame to push them away. She’s telling another woman to ‘get back’ when she turns her attention to the woman wearing pink. Martinez yells, “Get out of my face” while slapping the camera held by the woman. In what seems to be a logical response to such aggression the woman in pink responds saying, “Don’t push me!”

That’s when another officer swoops in and grabs the woman by her shirt, whipping her around and slamming her to the ground. The woman behind the camera screams, “She’s a cancer patient” but more officers pile on and assist with the arrest, with no concern for the woman’s medical condition. The remaining officers start to form a ring around the arrest as the crow becomes more upset with the multiple arrest.

I attempted to contact Ellison for further comment and details but at the time of this posting I wasn’t able to. I’ll post a follow up when he does, or when I have more information on this story. In the meantime, remember to always film the police and that, “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.”

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