unfair ticket

My son is a 10th grader at Logan high school Lacrosse, WI. He was recently given ticket for being truant – he was out of school sick and has doctors notes stating not to go to school. After his illness was over he returned to school and was handed a truancy ticket, he went to his school principal and told him the issue. He [the principal] asked to see the ticket and my son gave it to him, as well as the doctors notes. The principle said he would take care of it. A month later I decided to make sure it was taken care of  and called the clerk of courts. The clerk tells me he was found guilty for not appearing – we had no ticket because it was given to the principal, to see when his court date was – and  now has a $114.00 fine. The judge will not see him because he was already found guilty.

I would like to hear you comments on this and also some possible ideas on what to do. Thank you very much, Tanner Smith.

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