Cleveland Police Stalk Tamir Rice Memorial

Last week I attended a Tamir Rice vigil, this past weekend I went to a protest for John Crawford and in both places the police showed up. They claim they’re just doing their jobs, keeping everyone safe, but we all know that’s bullshit. In fact, the reason the police are at these gatherings directly relates to the blog I wrote last week – “What Cops Say without Actually Saying Anything” – fear. They want you to know that even if, who are we kidding – when they terrorize your communities they’ll still be around, maybe not the exact same guy, but another stormtrooper nonetheless.

Take today’s adventure in the beloved Police State US(S)A for example. Virgil, DEO and I went to Cudell Rec Center, where Tamir Rice was gunned down by Cleveland police employees, only to find a Cleveland Police cruiser there as well. What kind of person would sit near one of your own colleagues crime scene? Are the intentions of the Cleveland Police to intimidate the public? Why aren’t they begging for the Rice Family’s forgiveness instead of placing another armed guard, with no personality, on the grave of a 12 year old boy. Sure, Tamir held a toy gun; yes, he was pointing it at people but these actions do not warrant death. The officer that shot Tamir barely lets his feet hit the ground – literally because he slipped afterwards – before shooting and, as sad as this case is, it’s just taken a whole step further when you find out the police are camping out on spot where one of their colleagues ended the life of a 12 year old boy. How freaking creepy is that?




Ademo Freeman

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