Defense Attorneys Upset They Weren’t Informed Kenosha WI Cop Admitted Planting Evidence in Homicide Investigation

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 Not only did Kenosha Wisconsin Police Officer Kyle Baar plant evidence in a homicide investigation, it looks like the Kenosha Police Department and D.A. Zapf waited to reveal Police Officer Kyle Baar’s admission to planting evidence until the accused agreed to a plea bargain.

How many cases was Officer Kyle Baar involved with and when should they begin reopening them? Another great question is, what other Kenosha PD, city and county employees are doing this?

Kenosha will try to bury this story. Please don’t let them. Please share far and wide.

You can contact the Kanosha (WI) Police at (262) 605 5200 to let them know how much you appreciate the service Officer Kyle Baars is providing the community by planting false evidence and the cover up by others within the department:


Evidence-planting has attorneys in uproar

A former Kenosha Police officer’s admission that he planted evidence in a homicide investigation has defense attorneys calling foul.

During a homicide trial Monday, former officer Kyle Baars admitted he planted an ID and a bullet in a backpack recovered during a search related to the shooting death of a Kenosha man.

Baars resigned from the Kenosha Police Department in January during an internal investigation into his actions on the case.

Attorneys for the three men charged in the homicide say the state did not disclose Baars’ actions until days into the trial for Joseph-Jamal Brantley, one of the defendants. The planted evidence became an issue when Brantley’s defense attorney questioned a witness about the evidence Baars ultimately admitted he planted.

District Attorney Robert Zapf said his office shared the information with defense attorneys in late January, within days of his office receiving Baars’ report about his conduct.

“What is amazing to me is there were people at the highest level here that didn’t think this would ever be disclosed,” said Terry Rose, defense attorney for co-defendant Markese Tibbs.

Baars took Tibbs’ ID home with him after bringing him in for booking, and on April 15 planted the ID — along with a bullet Baars brought from his own home — in a backpack found during a second search of a home connected with the murder investigation.

“They knew this officer had pulled a fast one at least as far back as January when the officer resigned,” Rose said…

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